“Miscarriage”: Why we must (finally) put an end to this formulation

The column “Miscarriage, real experience” published on March 27th in the newspaper Le Monde, signed by the collective, calls for a better recognition of miscarriages and the breaking of the Omerta around this issue in France today.

Let’s get rid of the phrase “having a miscarriage” because nothing is wrong and everything is true..” 2022 in France, Every fourth pregnancy ends in a miscarriage in the first twenty-two weeks of amenorrhea, that is, during the first trimester, the platform “Fausseschicht, true experience” signed by the collective details in the columns of worldthis Sunday, March 27, 2022. In all, 200,000 women go through this ordeal every year.

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And yet the subject is still deeply taboo. Instead of speaking of miscarriages, the collective advocates speaking of a “natural abortion”. “Because we don’t have miscarriages, we experience them. And that words weigh down our minds, dictate our thoughts, and influence our actions. Let’s talk about natural abortions. Because that’s what it’s all about and that’s what we live in our body“, confide the authors of this text. For them, the expression is miscarriage “guilt and invisibility“.

A traumatic event that is still too often played down

A natural termination of pregnancy is a traumatic event for many women.“, recalls the tribune. Labor pains, sometimes heavy bleeding that can last for several days, extreme loneliness, total silence, feeling of emptiness … The physical and psychological consequences are numerous and sometimes serious. guilt and shame to his own situation.

Undergoing a natural termination of pregnancy is still too common to face a doctor who tells us the event is “mundane” without acknowledging its absolute uniqueness.‘ pounded the editors. According to the collective, the women affected are sometimes the victims of brutal, inhuman words and, in the worst case, gynecological and obstetric violence.

“In 2022, natural termination of pregnancy is still a phenomenon that is still not given enough attention in our society. It is not associated with any care protocol, with too few further training courses for non-medical practitioners and with no concrete rights at the HR level. Natural abortion is so invisible that we don’t even know how to talk about it or how to support it. The lack of information on a societal level plunges individuals into immense loneliness and can leave a mark of lasting trauma on women and their spouses.”specifies the text.

A 100% paid walkout like in New Zealand

So that this event”anything but trivial” being better considered in a woman’s life, the collective has made several demands, most notably the establishment of a national information campaign on natural abortion and the establishment of a toll-free number for women and their spouses.

Training and knowledge about natural abortion also need to be improved. The collective demands that in all obstetrics, PMI and physician practices, Brochures on natural abortion are provided couples, but also to set up training courses for midwives and gynecologists in order to be able to provide women with better care. And education goes through school, too: Anything related to natural abortion should be included in the SVT program in sex education classes starting in college.

Finally and most importantly, the collective asks “Miscarriage, true experience”. Conducting a 100% paid work stoppage of at least three days for women who have experienced natural abortion, as well as for their spouse, as is already the case in New Zealand. And also to offer a reimbursed psychological follow-up to help them get through this painful event.

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  • “Let’s get rid of the expression ‘having a miscarriage’ because nothing is wrong and everything is true,” The worldMarch 27, 2022

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