Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino reveals plans for baby #2 with wife Lauren: ‘We’re working on it’ – Archyde

The Jersey Shore star and his wife Lauren have EXCLUSIVELY revealed to HollywoodLife whether or not they should be expecting another baby sitch in the near future.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino39 years old and his wife Lauren, 37, are quite a busy couple! like her son Romeocelebrates its one-year anniversary on May 26, the Sorrentinos are already shooting season 6 of Jersey Shore family vacation — just weeks after the Season 5 finale aired on March 22nd. As if that wasn’t enough position so they’re in, Mike said Hollywood La Vie in an EXCLUSIVE interview on April 6th at TAO in Midtown Manhattan that they are also currently trying for another baby together!

“We’re working on our second one right now,” Mike told us EXCLUSIVELY as he walked down a red carpet alongside his wife Lauren Jersey Shore co-stars, Nicole «Snooki» Polizzi34, Deena Cortese35, and Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley, 37. “It will happen. We really had a blast trying it out last night,” joked Mike. Though Mike envisions more babies in his future, Snooki clearly doesn’t share the same vision. “I have my hands full. I’m done,” she told us. However, Deena left the door open to the possibility of having more babies. “Right now I won’t have any, but maybe when my two kids are older. I’m putting so much energy into these two right now. But I imagined we’d have more kids when they were a little older,” she said. Hollywood La Vie.

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And now that they all have kids, playdates are a big deal. “Our kids have play dates all the time. You don’t understand that we are a family. My kids call them aunts and uncles,” Lauren told us, while Mike nodded, reinforcing his claims. “Yes, they all call us aunts and uncles,” he said. Hollywood La Vie. “We have a lifelong friendship that has lasted 12 years now. It’s so amazing when we put them all together.

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What exactly made the cast strong? After learning that his son Greyson, 5, was autistic, Jenni became an ambassador for KultureCity, an organization that supports autism. Last night they all attended HeroKulture, the first sensory inclusion and autism acceptance event for KultureCity. When we asked Jenni – who was there with her fiancé? Zack Clayton27 year old girl Meilani7 and Greyson – on how she came in contact with the rescue organization she said: ‘After my son was diagnosed with autism I had to deal with a lot of sensory issues. »

“Before I knew it, I was on the board of the charity and making a difference in people’s lives. It’s very surreal to me,” Jenni told us. “As people come back to the real world after Covid, it’s difficult, and learning to deal with the fear of being around people. For so many of us, it’s sensory overload. Lights and sounds can be too much.

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