Microsoft Office Pro Plus, Home and Business or Office 365: Which Office Pack is right for you?

Would you like to use software such as Word, PowerPoint or Excel, but don’t know which Microsoft Office offer to turn to? Don’t panic, we’ll help you find the office suite that suits your needs.

Would you like to use software such as Word, PowerPoint or Excel, but don’t know which Microsoft Office offer to turn to? Don’t panic, we’ll help you find the office suite that suits your needs.

When it comes to office automation, Microsoft Office is THE benchmark. It includes software like Word, Excel or PowerPoint that can be used for both personal and professional use. This software has simple functions suitable for the largest number. They are also packed with more advanced features that professionals need in their jobs. Microsoft Office also offers a diverse range of formulas to adapt to everyone’s needs. But with so many choices, it’s sometimes difficult to know what best suits YOUR needs, and you often put off buying. Your work must not be postponed. That’s why today we help you to see more clearly the different Office offers: Microsoft Office Pro Plus, Microsoft Office Home and Business and Office 365. And we also offer you a good plan to get your favorite software cheap!

What are the differences in terms of software and functionalities?

Microsoft Office offers a range of software and applications that you can work with on your computer. This software is split across the different offerings to meet the needs of each user. Each offer has its own special features.

With Microsoft Office Home and Small Business, you’ll find OneNote (note-taking) and Outlook (personal information manager and mailbox) software in addition to the essential trio of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. This formula is available for Mac from €89.90.

If you use an office suite more advanced, you might be interested in the Microsoft Office Pro Plus suite, which offers two other software: Publisher for creating publications (business cards, flyers, greeting cards) and Access, which is a database manager. If these applications are essential to you, the Office Pro Plus Pack should suit you best. You can find the latest version, Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2021 for PC, from €14.99.

What do the different offers have in common?

Microsoft Office has different bundles to meet each user’s needs, but there are still some commonalities that can be found in each bundle.

In each Office Pack you will find the following 4 software: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Word is word processing software that you can use to write and format your documents. Excel is a spreadsheet program that is ideal for organizing and analyzing data in the form of a chart. PowerPoint is presentation software that you can use to create slide shows. Outlook is both a personal information manager and an email address.

Then Microsoft Office Pro Plus and Microsoft Office Home and Business are both perpetual licenses. That means licenses that you can use indefinitely. Once you’ve activated your license, there’s no expiration date: you can use the version of your office suite for as long as you like. Microsoft Office suites are well planned and can be used for many years: Office 2010 will still work great in 2022!

After all, these two formulas are meant to be used on only one computer at a time. If you need your favorite software on more than one device, you’ll need to buy a new license or opt for an online subscription like Office 365.

What are the differences between Microsoft Office 2021 and Microsoft 365?

Another alternative is to opt for a Microsoft Office subscription: Office 365. This is the online version of Microsoft Office that is available as a subscription. In Office 365 you will find Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well as Teams (online meetings) and Editor (assistant for grammar and spelling). It should be noted that the Access software is only available in subscriptions for VSEs/SMEs, starting at €8.80 excluding VAT per month per user.

Depending on the subscription you choose, you can equip one (Microsoft 365 Personal, from €7 per month or €69 per year) or multiple devices (Microsoft 365 Family, from €10 per month or €99 per year). In addition to PCs and Macs, Office 365 is also compatible with Android. You can therefore use it on your tablet or smartphone as long as you have a multi-device subscription.

To store your files and change them from all devices covered by the subscription, Office 365 offers online storage starting at 1 TB.

Unlike the perpetual license, which gives you lifetime use of your software, Office 365 allows you to use all of your software and storage space only during the term of your subscription.

So, which license to choose?

The best option for you is the option that suits your software needs and budget.

Office 365 is a good option for people who use different Microsoft Office software in their daily lives and need to access their files from multiple devices. If you have a Mac and Teams, Publisher, and Access are essential to you, the subscription might be a better fit for you.

On the other hand, if the multi-device aspect isn’t essential, perpetual licenses will certainly suit your needs. PC users can opt for Microsoft Office Pro Plus and Mac owners for Microsoft Office Home and Business. And if price is a deciding factor in your purchase, we know where you can find affordable perpetual Microsoft Office licenses!

Where can I find perpetual Microsoft Office licenses at low prices?

To get the benefits of Microsoft Office without breaking the bank, you can buy your used license from Yeslicense. These are licenses bought by companies that no longer had use for them. After checking them, they offer the licenses for sale on the website at a low price. Products are dematerialized, further reducing costs. The resale of used licenses is completely legal and falls under European legislation. A dedicated support service is available 24/7 to help you install the product and answer your questions. Thanks to Yeslicense, you can enjoy your favorite software for a lifetime without breaking the bank!

Article written in collaboration with Yeslicense.

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