MetaKwark: Kwark Education Unveils First Open Educational Metaverse!

On Tuesday, April 5th, the Kwark Education Group presented their “MetaKwark” tool, the first open educational metaverse, at a press conference.

Is the future of education underway? From the school year 2022, the first open educational metaverse, MetaKwark, welcomes students. At the beginning of the project the Kwark Education group presented this very ambitious new instrument at a press conference in Paris on Tuesday. MCE TV was there and tells you everything!

MetaKwark: a metaverse dedicated to the world of education

You must have heard of “Metaverse”! And with good reason, since the Facebook group changed its name to Meta, The concept is very popular.

As a reminder, that isan immersive 3D virtual universe, where users interact with each other through their avatars. A constantly open Metaverse is therefore a place of social, but also economic interaction!

Kwark Education, leader in the digital transformation of education in France, has chosen to invest in the Metaversum. In fact, the group will launch the MetaKwark tool, the first-ever open metaverse dedicated to the world of education. Et It will welcome students from the beginning of the 2022 academic year !

In this virtual universe Learners will advance on dedicated campuses and attend their classes through their avatars. You can also take part in events such as conferences or internships, but you can also exchange ideas, stroll around and make contacts!

Besides students, The MetaKwark will also welcome everyone involved in the training. Schools, training companies, companies and institutions will participate in this virtual universe!

Anyone can offer Events and teaching materials to support students in their education. 15 campuses for schools or companies are currently being built. Which will affect more than 180,000 learners!

Kwark Universities, a subsidiary of Kwark Education, will serve schools as well the first 100% digital training in the MetaKwark. A project that Rony Germon, Managing Director of Kwark Universities, tells us about in the following video.

An immersive universe based on emotions

during the health crisis Distance learning and video classes have disappointed many students. Mental exhaustion, teaching difficulties, technical problems… the experience quickly showed its limits!

Given that observation, Kwark Education and its MetaKwark have the ambition to offer an immersive and enjoyable experience for learners. But how ?

This metaverse was developed by the company Manzalab and promises first promises an experience based on emotions. So the sense of self-presence, the sense of spatial presence as well as the sense of the presence of others will be there.

The MetaKwark will also be able to count on “scalable” campuses, that is, ones that adapt to the flow of students. From small group courses to the amphitheater at the university, the same place can develop !

Furthermore, this virtual universe was designed by Manal Rachdi, the famous architect to whom we owe groundbreaking achievements such as L’Arbre Blanc in Montpellier. He wanted to create calming and relaxing virtual campuses, between nature and futuristic works. A way to stimulate student curiosity and learning!

After all, not only is it more immersive than video, the MetaKwark is also more ecological. In fact, it will consume 10x less bandwidth. Enough to have a more positive impact on the environment!

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