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Melvita is one of those organic cosmetics brands that everyone knows for the variety of products they offer, their sensuality and the pleasure of using them. I wanted to give you a full article on a selection of beneficial treatments that the whole family will enjoy. Timeless classics, a range for babies, men, hair products and some very fruity treatments.

Melvita: 3 essential care products for baby hygiene

I can’t tell you how happy I was when I discovered that Melvita offered special treatments for our beloved babies. The range is aesthetically gorgeous, the packaging is covered in white enhanced with small flowers of all colors. The treatments are of course BIO, made in France and made with 100% ingredients of natural origin. The perfect combination to take care of your baby’s sensitive and demanding skin.

3 organic baby care products Melvita

The range therefore consists of 3 essentials, namely the very clean cleansing gel, a very gentle moisturizing milk and a very supple massage oil. The appellations are delicate and delicate, what about the treatments? I have to admit that they are successful, the organic camelina oil present in the composition necessarily gives a somewhat cocooning side and softness to the smell and care. It acts as a barrier against cold-type external aggression, diseases such as psoriasis or other redness. It is concentrated in fatty acids for their well-known properties: particularly nourishing and anti-dehydrating. I still had a huge crush on the massage oil, which penetrates easily, is non-sticky and deeply moisturizes. The washing gel is super pleasant, it does not dry out the skin and the hair shines.

The products are available HERE.

What is the men’s range worth?

Some may not know it, but Melvita offers many treatments for men looking for a break from well-being. The range consists of an Energy Shower Gel, a Barber’s Cream and a Global Face Gel. That is, products that can be used every morning in the shower, during and after shaving without any problems. They are enriched with baobab oil and lemon water for a fresh skin feeling. The idea is to find a smoother and much brighter complexion. I was able to collect an opinion on the shower gel that seems to come first because of its fresh and energetic side.

The range for men

Fruit, do you want something here!

When the weather is nice, I look for fruity, sparkling scents that bring a good mood. I was all the happier that Melvita is offering new highly fruity treatments that are worth the detour. And among those that I have tested there is the line of hand creams with colorful packaging, covered with fruit, super spicy! Therefore, the brand offers a smoothing hand cream with organic pomegranate, a hand and nail beautifying jelly with organic apricot and a nourishing hand cream with organic prickly pear. It’s hard to say which one I liked the most, I loved them all. The smell of the fruit stands out clearly, it is not chemical at all. They are generally very nutritious, so I prefer to put them on in the evenings in front of the TV or before bed.

Melvita nourishing hand cream

And for those who want to take care of their lips, Melvita offers lip balms in the same scents. I tested the Smoothing Lifting Balm, it does the job!

Melvita offers its fixed hair routine

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Melvita offered two shampoo bars that were 100% natural, organic and vegan. The gentle shampoo is dedicated to the whole family, while the detox shampoo is more for those who need to clean their scalp. What if I tell you I haven’t made the jump to shampoo bars yet? It’s hard to say today, but the smells are frankly insane (coconut oil and green clay). So much so that I want to let go and, above all, try the detox, especially since I suffer from severe itching. I will inform you about it!

Solid shampoos from Melvita

The classic that I keep buying

Well, I couldn’t talk about Melvita skincare without telling you that one of my favorite skincare products, argan oil, is 30 years old. I like it even more as it has a precise drip system that allows you to dose as needed. I use it all over my body including my hair to add shine.

Melvita: argan oil

And you, what are your favorite Melvita products?

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