Married at first sight: Emilie dreams of a pregnancy together!

Emilie, from Married at First Sight, confided in her future projects. The latter that she therefore dreams of experiencing pregnancy.

This year, Married at First Sight promises to be full of emotions. Even more so with the presence of Emilie. The latter also confided during an interview her desire for a bilateral pregnancy. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Married at first sight is strong with the presence of the candidate

Not a fan of the show Married at First Sight Emilie’s story remained indifferent. young single mom, the latter has a more than touching past.

The 34-year-old real estate agent is raising her 1-year-old daughter Lina alone. And the, after being left behind during her pregnancy. only that !

After this task follows the pretty brunette struggled with depression and burnout and 35kg. In short, this contestant left all fans of the show speechless with her strength of character.

But what impressed Married at First Sight fans even more is that after all this, the 34-year-old almost put her daughter in a diaper. One thing is for sure, the pretty brunette’s story deserves respect.

Because after everything she’s been through, she always remain convinced that love exists. Because of this, Emilie decided to sign on to the show.

By participating in Married at First Sight, the pretty brunette hopes to be able to build a blended family with her daughter. And why not enlarge the latter.

If nothing is done at the moment, it’s still something Emilie is already thinking about. In fact, the Married at First Sight contestant confided in her would like to have a mutual pregnancy. MCE TV tells you more!

Emilie dreams of a pregnancy for two

Indeed, in this new season of Married at First Sight, Emilie is one of the most touching contestants. With her career as a single mother, the 34-year-old will surely leave even more viewers speechless.

So in the last episode Emilie met Frederick. If the two candidates seemed to like each other at first glance, nothing is decided yet.

Yes, because the physical is not always enough. So that’s why it’s like this important to know if they share the same mindset.

Despite her past, Emilie remains determined to take her time to find the right person. Also, while Q/A on Instagram, she trusted in her desire to expand her family.

“I’d love to, but now I’m scared” said the married-at-first-sight candidate. But Emilie realizes that she will need time for this to fill the void left by his last breakup.

The pretty explains: “My pregnancy and birth left scars on me. I need time, but that’s true I want to experience a reciprocal pregnancy”. One thing is for sure, his daughter’s departure hurt him.

“But also the fact of choosing the space, the clothes and above all the sight a man who is happy that I give him a child”, she added. Those confessions are now echoing in the minds of fans, leaving everyone wondering if Emilie’s future husband could be Frédérick or not.

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