Marl. Marko, a Ukrainian baby, was born in France on Saturday

Serhej and Oleksandra are Marko's happy parents.
Serhej and Oleksandra are Marko’s happy parents. (© The Country Briard)

Both Ukrainians, Oleksandra and Serhey are a young couple who were forced to flee Ukraine attacked byrussian army. Oleksandra was not lacking in courage… Pregnantshe had to walk for hours to achieve that Polish border and can go on board for the first time Bus to France. She then changed modes of transport several times before arriving nearby Sezanneat Linthesby doing Marne.

8 months pregnant and on the way

Oleksandra is exhausted and with good reason: the young woman is eight months pregnant. He was spared no pain. Like thousands of other compatriots, she finds herself on the streets seeking refuge from Russian troops. Finally she arrives in Linthes, a small village between Connantre and Sézanne.

Andreiy Zimnokh awaits you in Linthes. He is a Belarusian who has lived in the Sézanne region for years. He welcomes the distressed couple and offers them shelter while they wait to find shelter. With the birth of Marko, her newborn on Saturday 5th March 2022, this has now become a necessity.

Until a less dangerous situation allows a return to Ukraine, the couple will stay in the Sézanne or Montmirail region and take care of Marko.

An intolerable situation

Oleksandra’s testimony joins thousands of others explaining the hardship, fear and constant anguish. Living in the western part of the country one might think that the residents would be safe from Russian bombardment, but this is not the case. In the young couple’s hometown stands a very important power plant, a strategic location that Vladimir Putin wants to destroy. The alarm sounds throughout the day and residents are forced to take refuge in the emergency shelters in case of an emergency. “We have these alerts at least three to five times a day. It’s exhausting,” explains the young mother.

The maternity ward is more than 45 km away

The young woman still tells of her distress today: “I was 8 months pregnant and the maternity ward was 45 km away, but it was occupied by the many refugees who came from the front and gathered in the hospitals in the west. . The constant stress pointed to a premature birth and it became clear that my baby needed urgent care. »

She adds: “The anxiety was so strong that I started to lose weight and it harmed the baby. The reason the French doctors wouldn’t let me go to term and caused Marko to be born. »

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An emergency birth

The forced departure from the Ukraine did not do Oleksandra any good, who arrived at the Marne exhausted. There she begins to rest at Andrei’s home when an upcoming birth is announced with much advance notice. Andreiy immediately directs her to the nearest hospital to Sézanne, in Romilly-sur-Seine. The doctors who examine the young woman find her exhausted and recognize the worrying signs and make the decision to transfer the mother-to-be to Troyes.

It is that in the night from Friday to Saturday a small fragile being is born. They give him the name Marko. The young woman and her husband remain temporarily in the hospital, where they will carry out examinations and constant monitoring of the baby.

“Marko weighs 2.05 kg and is learning to eat and live,” confides the mother, adding: “We are safe and happy, but we have to think of our compatriots who are still in danger. We are almost ashamed to be treated so well when others at home are suffering so much. »

The couple and the baby are resting at the moment and Marko remains under the close supervision of the doctors. This baby arrived under dramatic circumstances and is becoming a symbol of peace. The innocence and purity of this child should be the image no one should forget. As Oleksandra explains, the hundreds of thousands of her fellow citizens go through hell every day. It seems so far away and yet in a country it is so close.

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