Manon and Marie are committed to helping Samuel, the little Togolese, and his family

They braved the cold on Saturday April 2nd to stage their final act of solidarity for Samuel, the young Togolese boy that Nermont High School has been supporting for more than a year. Manon Bailly and Marie Prade, two seniors in Services to People and Territories (SAPAT), brilliantly staged the charity run they organized at the La Borde Intercommunal Leisure Center in Margon, in the town of ‘Arcisses.

Your communication efforts around the event over the past few weeks have not really been rewarded. Only ten participants answered her call. But that didn’t cloud their fine commitment.

In Nogent-le-Rotrou, the students of the Nermont high school welcome a famous nun

“Since we mobilized for him, his mother, who has HIV, can be cared for and has sent him to school. He couldn’t do that before because schooling is paid for there. »

Manon and Maria (Nermont High School student)

” It’s not a competition. You can walk, jog or ride around the pond on a scooter… It’s important that you contribute with a donation of two euros. The amount collected will be used to provide additional help to Samuel. »

They have fond memories of a video contact with the little Togolese. He’s gorgeous. He sang us songs. It was a powerful moment, a great meeting.” Marie Prade and Manon Bailly will leave Nogent High School at the start of the next school year, but they won’t forget Samuel. “We’ll be dating remotely follow the actions carried out by the group of students who will take over and continue to mobilize for Samuel. »

At the Nermont private high school in Nogent-le-Rotrou, the services to people and territories sector is open to learning

They remember the actions that marked their school year: solidarity boxes set up in the shops of Nogent-le-Rotrou and the surrounding communes, but also on the premises of the Sully vocational school, sale of cakes they made in their High school during parents’ evening, sale of raffle tickets… The sums raised increased from €50 to €232.

“Well, today we won’t beat our record. But we had a generous gentleman who donated 20 euros,” say Marie and Manon. The gentleman in question has just finished his round of pond jogging and comes to greet them before leaving. They know him well and appreciate him, it’s Jean-François Blondeau, their physical education teacher.

Historical. Through Sister Marie Stella from the Living in Hope association in Togo, Nermont High School met Samuel, a 5-year-old Togolese. During her visit to France and her visit to the Lycée de Nermont, she recounted the child’s journey without a father, with a mother suffering from HIV and a younger brother Joseph, who is two years old. A family living in great precarity. Marie-Laure Rousseau, who teaches sales techniques in the 4th and 3rd grades, mobilized high school students who multiplied their actions to help the small family.

Jocelyne Legros

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