Macron to catch up in regret…

Regret is when the painter retouches his painting. After a very bad picture about the school on March 17, Emmanuel Macron and his team continue to make changes to his remarks on education in order to change the perception, if not the meaning. On April 4, at France Inter, he launched a new attempt to seduce teachers and denied wanting to lead students from the 5th grade.

Catch up on reassessment

“I’m a teacher’s grandson, a teacher’s husband, and I know it’s a calling.” Emmanuel Macron didn’t make the point when he returned to his education program at France Inter on April 4. He announced that he wanted to “make things clear” but nevertheless confirmed the main points of the March 17 program.

“Our teachers don’t get paid well, especially early in their careers,” he says. “You have a better career end, a better retirement. There are more holidays than our neighbors. I hope we can change that,” he said, without affirming the point of the change. On March 17, E. Macron was more specific. He had said teachers should work harder to earn more and that would only affect those accepting a new contract. He also specifies: “We need to give more credit to our teachers who do difficult things (he gives homework as an example).

“I also want them to have more pedagogical freedom. I want more freedom at the school director level. That’s the big innovation… The school can’t function in the same way in Amiens, Marseille and Clichy.” It thus confirms the bursting of national formation, its fragmentation, also proposed by V Pécresse, with heads of institutions and directors endowed with new powers. It is difficult to see how the pedagogical freedom of teachers could be reconciled with the new powers of management.

Orientation regret at the age of 12

“I never said that young people need to be apprenticed,” E Macron continued. “I said that children at the age of 12 should be allowed to get to know crafts, i.e. regions and companies, for a few hours.” But on March 31, E. Macron told a restaurateur: “We have to make these professions better known. So variety, learning and orientation from the 5th”.

This phrase had caused a stir as it implied sending 12-year-old children to work. It therefore seems that orientation, ie the process of being sent to another sector such as apprenticeship, will not be completed by the age of 12. If E. Macron is wrong, it may be because these comments are consistent with the career reform philosophy he presented on March 17. E Macron, for example, has announced the doubling of internship weeks in companies, so also a twofold general training for young people who really need it. He spoke of adapting vocational training paths to local needs. Remarks let S Gérardin say, general secretary of Snuep Fsu that he “organizes the separatism of high school youth”. Even if the placement of young people from working-class families in the 5th grade does not take place, it is the idea of ​​the fate separation of young people that is in their program. Children from working-class families who are in the workforce would be permanently denied access to higher education, which would be reserved for other young people.

What to do with JM Blanquer?

“Teachers don’t feel recognized enough, the parents of the students are often still in fear and the students. It’s not a trustworthy school,” added E. Macron on April 4. The formula illustrates the great difficulty of the presidential candidate: what place should the Blanquer Ministry take? On the one hand, the candidate says that “a lot has been done in 5 years”, on the other hand he criticizes the Blanquer years. The contradiction stems from the fact that Macron’s 2022 program is the same as 2017’s in terms of education. Pay for merit, more authority for heads of institutions and directors, breaking up national education, all of which were announced by JM Blanquer in 2017, then exhibited by Edouard Philippe in 2018. But not everything could be done. The very strong opposition to the Blanquer Act has frozen everything.

Today E Macron takes over this project. But the resistance of the teachers is still there. Recent polls you Snuipp Fsu and you Snuep Fsu show that only a tiny minority of teachers, less than 5%, support the policies he initiated. In 2017, 38% of teacher votes went to E Macron in the first round, according to an Ipsos poll. E Macron seems to think he can get her back. This explains the candidate’s attempts to catch up. And the discredit that E Macron himself threw at JM Blanquer…

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