MacGyver’s Children complete their Stargate Replica!

Since the construction of its life-size replica of the Stargatethe club of MacGyver’s children has repeatedly asked for the help of fans to get involved in the work. Some stages of making this replicawhich are sometimes repetitive or involve the movement of many elements of the structure are in fact easier to achieve with the help of a motivated team of gaters.

In particular, the club members organized several work trips for volunteer fans last summer and fall. Many fans answered the call and contributed their stone to the construction of this project.

The association has decided to repeat this experience again this year. Between July 2 and August 26, 2022, a new workshop for fans will be organized by members of the club. Justified “The last step“, this residency will last two consecutive months without a break and should be the last as he will have the ambitious goal of graduating Building the Stargate Replica.

All fans wishing to take part in this ultimate work-stay between Gaters are invited to register at the now Club website. For a stay of two months, everyone is free to register for the desired time or to split up. The experience is for everyone: no DIY skills are required and all necessary equipment is provided for participants.

This stay takes place in the village of Saint-Nicolas la Chapelle in Savoie, in a place that offers a breathtaking view of the Mont-Blanc massif. It will take place in a community spirit and in all conviviality between gaters who share the same passion. A participation of €14 per day is required from each member to cover the various costs related to the stay.

A weekend to conclude the workshop

To crown the efforts of everyone involved and to complete years of work on the Build this life-size Stargate replicaorganize the Children of MacGyver who Weekend of August 27th and 28thshortly after the end of this last work stay, an extraordinary event.

This event is open to all, completely free of charge and offers all gaters the opportunity to meet at the foot of the replica of the gateAdmire a segment of the original door used during filming and which served as a model for the club for its replicaand for fanbase to share about the project and the rest of the Stargate franchise.

All gaters are invited to attend this event, including groups and other Stargate-themed associations who wish to share their own creations with visitors who have made the journey.

Who are the MacGyver kids?

As a reminder, the Children of MacGyver Association has made it its mission to revive this stargate of Stargate SG-1 by building a replica of them in original size, i.e. more than six meters in diameter. The members use an original part of the door that has been used in the filming of episodes of the series for years.

Once done, the replica will be just like the door of the series. Its ring will rotate, its chevrons will be luminous, and its main chevron should be movable and lockable like that of the SGC’s door.

In 2019 the association presented a first version of his door at a convention in London. For this reason the replica decorated with blue chevrons and Pegasian glyphs to look like the gateway to Atlantis. The enthusiasm of the audience and the fans was great at the time and the club was able to reap a lot of positive feedback.

MacGyver’s children hope to continue bringing the series and its universe to life by uncovering this Stargate Replica at conventions and festivals so that all fans of the franchise can discover and enjoy it. If you want to be kept informed about the progress of the project, you can subscribe to the official newsletter. Do not hesitate to follow the news of the project and the association also on its various social networks and on its website.


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