Lunel: a new, larger location and finally benchmark for the medical school center

The Pays de Lunel CMS has just moved to the heart of the town of Pescalune to better welcome children and families.

Twenty years of existence and fifteen requests. Those of modified premises, dilapidated and without accessibility for people with disabilities. With undisguised satisfaction, the doctors and the secretary of the Medical University Center (CMS) took up their new position a few weeks ago.

Four hundred consultations and six hundred calls a year

Originally located on the first floor of the Pont-de-Vesse school, the CMS includes premises on the ground floor that are larger and finally meet PMR standards. The reception is located at 228 Boulevard Lafayette in downtown Lunel. For doctors Catherine Maurin and Patricia Coste, the main players in the structure that manages the entire territory of the Pays de Lunel, this step is “was unexpected. Despite our yearly requests, we didn’t believe in it anymore”.

A visit by Mayor Pierre Soujol and childhood and youth assistant Sonia Mokaddem in spring 2021 gives the two doctors hope. “We were amazed at the condition of the previous premisesrecognizes the chosen one. The work was too expensive and we, in collaboration with Mrs. Maurin and Coste, focused on finding a new structure, particularly in those owned by the community. Vain. We have therefore specialized in renting these premises that meet the expectations and commitments of a medical university center.”closes Sonia Mokaddem.

The fact that it’s in the city center is a major advantage.

A few works are enough for this former law firm to finally become a place that is adapted to the tasks (see opposite) of the CMS. “The location in the city center is a great advantagedrives Dr. Maurin gone. 90% of the people who come here are from Lunel, very often in precarious situations and without vehicles. They needed easy access.”

With an average of four hundred consultations and more than six hundred phone calls per year (2019-2020 figures), the school medical center represents a privileged space for children, from the large nursery department to the CM2, who find themselves in difficulties in the school world for various reasons (learning problem , conduct disorder, disability, chronic illness, etc.).

Beyond its medical preventive measures, it often re-establishes, even creates, the connection between children, parents and teachers. Using the latter, families are also forwarded to the CMS by e-mail or post via a completed form. However, a family can go directly to the school’s medical center to be examined (by appointment only). On average, and depending on priority missions, the time to admission by the Lunel CMS doctors is about a month.

facilitate schooling

Conventional medical centers are subordinate to the Ministry of National Education. Her mission is to provide the best possible school experience for children with a health condition, disability, or difficulty adjusting to school.

Their main tasks are: mandatory visits to the doctor and preventive examinations, early detection of health problems and lack of care, admission of children with special needs (disability, health problems, learning disabilities, etc.), the educational path of health, epidemiological surveillance, statistics collection.

In addition, depending on the case, the medical team draws up Individualized Admission Projects (PAI), a Personalized Assistance Plan (PAP) and a Cerfa “Medical Certificate” for a request to the Departmental House for Disabled People (MDPH).

Open Monday and Thursday 9am to 5pm; Tuesday and Friday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Telephone reception from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Contacts: 04 67 87 84 94 and

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