Lucie Lucas confides in the uninhibited upbringing of her children, shocking her family

Managing your career and family life is not easy. After a depression, Lucie Lucas takes matters into her own hands with her children.

What kind of mom is Lucie Lucas?

When we discover it, discover it in clamp, Lucie Lucas has all the ingredients for success. Smiling on screen, she regularly proves to us that there’s a lot of vibes on set. This season, the presence of Lilou’s sister caused panic. To find out what the screenwriters came up with for them, we recommend reading this article. Luckily she has experience! In the past she had the chance to shoot with the heroine of the TF1 soap opera. Despite the age difference, she remains impressed by his maturity. Yes, dear Objeko devotee. Lilou, Moïra and Milo’s mother is on the rise with her colleague. To expect such a level of perfection, she sets the bar very high. Without further ado, we take stock of the values ​​she would like to convey to her family. Wait a minute, we’re entering a zone of turbulence!

Always there for you!

Screenshot (c) Dancing with the Stars (c) TF1

As we can discover from her photos, there is a family resemblance between her and her two princesses. When we look at them, we perceive admiration and complicity. You look older than you are. Since her birth, the actress has been clear on one point. “I’ve always seen my kids as hyperconscious and hypersensitive little people. » As I’m sure you understood, there’s no question of hiding anything about your professional projects from them. This adventure with Anthony Colette, you lived it by his side, for better or for worse!

Shortly before the birth of her knight Milo, she sinks into a deep depression. Asked about it, she would like to tell you that she had a click on the fragility of existence at the death of her partner from Porto. Marked with a red iron because of his confusing behavior, the two eldest have suddenly grown up. To make up for lost seconds, she organizes little moments of simple happiness with her family. With the help of Adrien, the love of her life who she met at her colleague’s, she enjoys every second in the company of her sweethearts. In the legend, she is careful to detail her tribe’s timeline. The less thanobjection can say it has enough to make the fans green. They would have been happy to have been a little mouse to be there!

Lucie Lucas always finds the right words

Only the “taboo’ has long since disappeared from the artist’s everyday life. Also, since she firmly believes that women can rule the world, she was quick to point out this kind of inconvenience to them. Who would have thought that between two bottles they would give you details about “Rules and circulatory function“. Care little about the criticism of his “Loved ones who are shocked by his methods‘ she continues on her way!

When asked about the exact content of his speech, she pretends to remember more. However, if we analyze his Instagram account in depth, the team ofobjection Note a common point between all of Lucie Lucas’ publications. She is taking care ofchoose the right words“. His goal is to broadcast and have fun at the same time. Empathetic towards nature and its neighbors, these four terms sum up his state of mind. “RRespect, kindness, benevolence and courtesy“ are more relevant than ever.

As this slogan for a chocolate brand would say, this ” a few grams of finesse Having toxic personalities can’t hurt. At a time when another variant is threatening our daily lives and Ukraine is facing unprecedented violence, we must support each other. objection confirms and welcomes his responsible attitude. They are so seldom the ones who genuinely care about future generations and Mother Nature. A few hours before the presidential election, the candidates should listen to him more! In addition, it was not for nothing that she agreed to enter the political arena of her region. She will go far… next edition!

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