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Samples were taken from a hundred children in Serqueux
Samples were taken from a hundred children in Serqueux (©L’Eclaireur-La Dépêche)

Two and a half years after the factory fire Lubrizol in Rouen, the hair from 100 children were taken serkiSaturday March 26, 2022. This specimens were made by the association of Lubrizol victims (ASL), in collaboration with Union of Lubrizol Victims.

The two associations have been fighting for two years to change things in terms of public health, not to deal with the Lubrizol disaster, which at the relevant time should have been returned to the State, but to enroll in a logic of prevention for the future

We are in a public process in which we are demanding greater surveillance of the population. At ASL, we are committed to creating an eco-civic institute that brings together scientific, medical, industrial and institutional skills to bring everyone to the table by anticipating when a disaster like Lubrizol’s occurs.

Sebastian DuvalCo-President of the Lubrizol Victims Association

hair samples

With this in mind, the two associations have decided to take hair samples from a hundred children between the ages of 5 and 15.

Choosing this age group allows for long-term follow-up in young children.

A detailed questionnaire given to the participating families makes it possible to find out whether the child lives in an area exposed to particulate matter, whether they eat organic food, whether they are near a chemical factory, a pesticide distribution area or even located medical data such as allergies

Analyzes that should have been done earlier.

The aim was to carry out analyzes that should have been carried out by the competent authorities in the month following the disaster. Two and a half years later it may be too late to find traces of this pollution.

Christopher HollevilleSecretary of the Union of Lubrizol Victims.

However, these analyzes serve a purpose.

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We are part of an environmental monitoring and mapping program for some of the rural villages that may be affected. This will allow us to have data that we lacked at the time of the events to prove pollution. If this had been the case from the start, we could have recognized the risks and acted accordingly.

Christopher HollevilleSecretary of the Union of Lubrizol Victims.

Anonymous Samples

The samples are anonymous and are carried out by a completely independent specialist laboratory.

He is responsible for recovering the samples and data with results to be released in June. The cost of this screening campaign is around €29,000.00, partly funded by the town halls of the Rouen metropolitan area.

All actions that we have been carrying out for the last two and a half years will be made public. We demand fair surveillance of the population when such disasters occur.

Sebastian Duval

At the same time, further samples were taken in Rouen.

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