Luana and Paul Belmondo’s grandparents: First photo of Alessandro’s baby!

Blue notebook for the Belmondo family! Very happy with the idea of ​​becoming a grandmother, Luana Belmondo announced the birth of her grandson this Monday, April 11, on her Instagram account.

You’re on cloud nine! After nine months of waiting and impatience, Luana and Paul Belmondo are enjoying the pleasure of finally being grandparents. Already “to the angels” at the idea of ​​seeing his family grow announced Jean-Paul Belmondo’s daughter-in-law the birth of his grandson this Monday, April 11 on Instagram. A happiness that seems to be shared by her husband Paul Belmondo, as evidenced by a video shared on the famous social network. “Well, are you happy to be a grandfather?” What the family man answers with a lot of humor. “Yes and you old grandmother?”

From now on, the cooking show presenter wants to clarify with her new title. “You are the grandfather I, I’m just Nonna (Editor’s note: Grandma in Italian)”. No matter what nickname your grandchild gives you, the couple is filled with happiness from this birth. “Are we excited? Yes!”, close the grandparents before congratulating the young parents Alessandro and Méliné. A few hours after the birth, Lunaa Belmondo’s daughter-in-law took her time revealing the face of his little piece of cabbage the time of an Instagram story. In a little beige corduroy sleeping bag the child melts his mother’s heart. “But the best view is this one”, she wrote in the comments. Congratulations !

On her Instagram account, this Monday, April 11, 2022, the young mother Méliné Ristuguian revealed the face of her little boy.
© Instagram story screenshotOn her Instagram account, this Monday, April 11, 2022, the young mother Méliné Ristuguian revealed the face of her little boy.

Luana Belmondo: a future grandmother cake

“[Je] am overjoyed another beautiful gift of life. Thank you, my children Alessandro Belmondo and Méliné Ristuguian”, responded Luana Belmondo on her Instagram account on Thursday, January 27. After spoiling her three boys, Alessandro, Victor and Giacomo, the bubbly Italian surely will so tender and protective with his grandson. Mom first, Luana Belmondo didn’t hesitate put his career on hold when his sons were born to enjoy every moment in their company.

The world revolved around his three very quickly “treasures”. Although today they fly with their own wings, Luana Belmondo can’t help but share tender moments of complicity with her sons. A reunion full of tenderness that the mother of the family regularly shares on social networks. “I never forget a single moment in my life to give thanks for having such a wonderful family. My men are so brave, bound, strong, “My children, my husband – whatever happens to me – are and will be there to support me. And I will always be there for her. It’s such a strong foundation…”, she wrote during touching publications. There’s no doubt that Luana Belmondo is a fulfilled woman.

Credit: Guignebourg Denis/ABACA

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