LIVE – Tribute to Prince Philip: The royal family leave Westminster Abbey

The queen appears scarred and moved

When the Queen was not in public, photographers were able to snap a snap of the sovereign through the window of her vehicle alongside Prince Andrew.

The British press is also broadcasting photos taken during the ceremony honoring Prince Philip. There the queen appears with tears in her eyes.

“The Queen’s Tears for Philip,” she captioned it Daily Mail.

Queen Elizabeth II (l) and Prince Andrew arrive by car for a ceremony in honor of Prince Philip on March 29, 2022 at Westminster Abbey, London
Queen Elizabeth II (L) and Prince Andrew arrive by car for a ceremony in honor of Prince Philip on March 29, 2022 at Westminster Abbey, London © JUSTIN TALLIS © 2019 AFP

Monarchs from all over Europe are here

In addition to the entire royal family – with the exception of Harry – monarchs from all over Europe have come to pay their respects to Prince Philip.

The King of Spain, Felipe, came to attend this ceremony, as did Prince Rainier of Monaco, absent Charlène, who was still recovering, and Philippe, the King of the Belgians.

The ceremony is over

The royal family leave Westminster Abbey to the sound of bells and the gaze of the public. The Queen, on the other hand, went through a side door of the Abbey on Prince Andrew’s arm.

The exit is very ceremonial and takes place in order of succession to the throne. Prince Charles therefore came out first, followed by his son William, accompanied by Kate Middleton and their children George and Charlotte.

The Queen attends the Mass in Philip’s honor

The BBC is the only medium with rights to broadcast images of the ceremony. We see the Queen standing next to Prince Charles. She wears a green coat, as does her daughter Princess Anne and daughter-in-law Camilla. It is in fact the color of Scotland and therefore that of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

The Queen is in Westminster Abbey

The Queen took a back door to get into Westminster Abbey and avoid the fatigue of a long journey.

If the public could not see her upon entering the abbey, the presence of the royal standard hovering over the abbey is a sign that the queen is actually inside.

The Queen arrived with Prince Andrew. Quite an icon as the prince has just emerged from a disastrous affair for the image of the royal family. The prince had to give up all his official activities. He was stripped of all his sponsorships and military duties.

William and Kate arrive with their children

Prince William, his wife Kate and their first two children, George and Charlotte, arrive at Westminster Abbey.

Prince Charles arrives in Westminster

Prince Charles arrived with his wife Camilla Parker-Bowles. The Queen is gradually handing over to her eldest son, who will succeed her after her death. The sovereign recently announced her desire for Charles’ wife to become queen consort. Camilla, who has been able to maintain her popularity with the British in recent years, sent a strong signal.

Prince Charles at Westminster Abbey, March 29, 2022.
Prince Charles at Westminster Abbey, March 29, 2022. © BFMTV

Boris Johnson arriving at Westminster Abbey

The British Prime Minister attends the ceremony. Boris Johnson paid tribute to the Queen on her anniversary on February 6.

“Today is a truly historic moment as Her Majesty The Queen becomes the first British monarch to celebrate a platinum jubilee,” said the Prime Minister.

Prince Andrew will accompany the Queen

Prince Andrew will be present according to the program of the ceremony. Long dubbed Elizabeth II’s favorite son, he kept quiet after he was accused by American Virginia Giuffre of sexually abusing her in 2001. In the US, the 61-year-old prince is finally facing trial after he struck a confidential agreement with his accuser, but his reputation has seriously suffered.

Prince Harry, absent from the ceremony

Among the announced absentees is Prince Harry, who with his wife Meghan announced in 2020 that they would step down from their leading role within the British royal family. The couple and their two children now reside in California.

The prince gave no explanation for his absence. In any case, the tabloids picked up the information. the Sun Caption: “Harry snubs Philip”.

When he last attended the inauguration of Princess Diana’s statue, he felt his safety was not adequately assured. He demands protection from Scotland Yard, which refuses him.

A tribute to Philip, the Queen’s husband of 73 years

The ceremony for Philip aims to pay tribute to the one who supported Elizabeth II for more than seven decades and with whom she had four children.

Her death last April, just before her 100th birthday, came amid strict anti-Covid restrictions which had imposed a small group funeral, with the symbol of the image of the Queen seated alone in Windsor Chapel as a symbol. .

Members of the British royal family and many foreign crowned heads are expected on Tuesday.

Queen’s presence confirmed

His services have so far raised doubts about his presence. But the monarch, who will celebrate her 96th birthday in April, appears on Buckingham Palace’s program honoring Prince Philip, who died on April 9, 2021 at the age of 99. His presence was only confirmed an hour ago.

The Queen’s public appearances have become very rare in recent months. Especially since the sovereign had the covid at the end of February. On March 7, she met Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

In mid-March, however, she canceled her attendance at a service organized as part of the annual Commonwealth Day at the last minute when she appeared on the show. Eventually she chose to be represented by her son Charles

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