Live more beautifully: Fabienne Carat reveals her daughter’s face!

The actress of the series Plus belle la vie, Fabienne Carat, reveals her daughter’s face on social networks. We will give you more details.

She will be 4 months today! For the occasion, the actress from Plus belle la vie revealed photos of her daughter. MCE TV gives you more details.

The actress of Plus belle la vie aux anges

Fabienne Carat seems to be living her new role as a mother to the full. The former actress of the series The better life is indeed on a small cloud since the birth of their daughter Céleste.

The young woman has also decided to spend her pregnancy away from prying eyes. So she had kept the secret for a long time. In fact, Fabienne Carat only announced that she was expecting a child when she was 7 months pregnant.

“I was afraid I wasn’t ready, I wasn’t up to it. » had confided in the young actress. ” JI told myself that if I were to dress tighter, I would have to assume and tell myself that it really is true. added the Plus belle la vie actress.

Fabienne Carat also explained that she prefers to keep the secret so as not to have to answer questions she doesn’t necessarily have an answer to. But the Plus belle la vie actress don’t hide your happiness about the arrival of this child.

“This child is a godsend. This baby is an angel, she never cries, I have the impression that she understands everything, I feel that she is very sensitive, she is amazing.” she declared at the birth of her daughter. Today, Fabienne Carat no longer hides her happiness. She even shares it with her subscribers on social networks!

Already 4 months

The young actress from Plus belle la vie So use everyone time with her daughter. Besides, she doesn’t hesitate to share photos with his fans in social networks.

Two months after the birth of her daughter, Fabienne Carat shared a video where we could Watch the development of her baby bump. A glimpse into her pregnancy that she wanted to share with her fans.

This Wednesday, April 6, she surprised her subscribers with a photo of her daughter. The young woman actually published a series of photos with her baby on Instagram.

You should know that little Celeste is celebrating her 4th month today. ” Happy birthday my beauty of love I love madly 4mois #monbebedamour #maguerrière #adeuxonestplusfortes« she wrote in the caption of her post.

The young actress from Plus belle la vie so shareds pictures of her baby. And you could almost see her child’s face. Anyway, we could see his little eyes. And that was enough to crack the fans of the young artist.

Fabienne Carat’s Instagram post actually rallied plus the 7 400 Likes ! Just that. In the comments, fans weren’t afraid to leave nice words.

“Enjoy this little miracle, you are beautiful. » can we read Internet users also agree that the little girl resembles her mother. “Oh, she looks like mom…” commented one fan.

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