Lio: Who are the four fathers of his six children?

This Tuesday, March 29, 2022, Lio was on the fiction poster she saved me on M6. The series focuses on domestic violence, a theme reflecting the singer’s past, who was beaten by her third companion, singer Alexis Zad. The opportunity to return to the four men who shaped his life by giving him his six children.

Singer Lio is at the head of a large family. She had six children with four different men: Nubia born in 1987 when Lio was 25 years old, Igorborn in 1993, EsmeraldaBorn in 1995, the twins garance and lea, Born in 1999 and Diegowhich she gave birth to in 2003. Proud of her role as a mother, the interpreter of banana split however had entrusted Gala in September 2018 her decision to have children with whoever she wanted had caused problems in his relationship with his children: “I thought it would be easy for her, from the moment we were in dialogue and in love, to accept different brothers, sisters and fathers. It turns out not. It takes a lot more than talk about love, it takes questions constructive actions. (…) I am a 68-year-old child, from a generation for which the rules were frowned upon.

your eldest nubia, now 35 years old, is the fruit of his story with Michael Esteban. The father of her first daughter had a very varied career oscillating between graphic design, photography, entrepreneurship, publishing or even music production. This 70-year-old businessman is also the former Magazine Editor rock news and the co-founder of the independent record label ZE records with Michael Zilka.

Six years after Nubia’s arrival, Lio gave birth to a child to their first son Igor at the age of 32. It comes from his relationship too Alexis Tikovoï, a theater director. In 1995, Lio hosted her third child, Esmeralda. Very discreet about their relationship, little information is available about the personal life of the singer and the producer. L’Express however, revealed in April 1996 that his son, aged 22 months, was suffering from health problems. Our colleagues also wrote: “Lio, 32, a husband (Alexis Tikovoi, theater director), three children, a house at the foot of a valley, takes on the multiple roles of a woman who chose her with great energy.” In March 2022, during an interview with Gala, Lio made a big announcement: his son Igor is the father of a baby boy who was born in 2021. This baby, the son of my son Igor and Pauline, is really a joy”she rejoiced.

Lio was on the show in 2010 with his six children, his mother and Michel Drucker
© Guillaume Gaffiot/BestimageLio 2010 with his six children, his mother and Michel Drucker in the program “Vivement dimanche”

Lio was a victim of domestic violence at the hands of his children’s third father

Once separated from her children’s second father, Lio met Alexis Zad in 1997with whom she had his twins Garance and Léa in 1999. It is said to have been the third father of her children Singers in the 1980s and 1990s. Very soon hers Idyll turned into a nightmare, her companion beat her. The mother of the family actually went through hell with him, as she confided to Gala when the series aired she saved mewhich deals with domestic violence and for which Lio is exhibiting, this Tuesday, March 29, 2022 on M6.

“It’s very difficult to get out of there because there are mental washout. There’s a whole job designed to isolate us, humiliate us, humiliate us.” explained Helena Noguerra’s sister, who had come to her aid at the time in question. “I only managed to file a complaint when he started it slapping while I breastfed the twins she continued. because I was afraid for her.”

After this traumatic time, Lio, The then 40-year-old gave birth to their last child, Diego, on May 21, 2003. But the star has never revealed the identity of her children’s fourth father. She then dated the producer Jean-François Lepetit from 2007 to 2010. According to the latest news, the 59-year-old artist hasn’t had a new adventure in a while. She admitted to being for a decade at the gala on March 24th: “i don’t miss it What I lack is neither desire nor love, I don’t lack that, it’s companionship‘ she assured.

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