Lille: a sparkling family story

Independence or autonomy, aggression and death of Yvan Colonna, tensions with the police, repatriation of political prisoners… With a Ch’ti father and a Corsican mother, Pierre-Olivier Vasseur is a perfect match between Lille and the island of beauty. The DJ and former Artistic Director of Magazine Club rarely expresses himself in these registers.

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Nine months in Lille, three months in Corsica: this is how it works Pierre Olivier Vasseur built his life. Only his closest family and friends would call him that. For everyone else it is Peo WatsonDJ and artistic director of what until a few days ago was the great electro club of Lille, The Magazine Club. It is a very different face than that of the artist who draws light into the world of the night that he reveals today. Papa Ch’ti, Corsican mother (née Bujoli): The news that has rocked the island of beauty in recent weeks has always passed a strong sounding board.

“My mother is a real Republican”

The issues of independence and autonomy just a stone’s throw away from the presidential election? ” This is a topic that I have been following closely. ‘ Lille admits. The family comes from Ocana (not far from Ajaccio). ” My mother is the only one who went to the mainland. During his studies, he chose the humanities and within this framework considered Corsican nationalism. « At home, the independence or the autonomy of Corsica, this question has always been appeased. My mother is a true Republican. He came up with an idea. He defends” an open nationalism ». « Who defends a language, a culture, but does not fall into xenophobia and rejection of the other. »

The repatriation of political prisoners? ” In the Colonna case, I don’t forget that there was one death. Prefect Érignac took great care of the Corsican population. He cycled without any protection. Nobody deserves to die. Even less. But after so many years in mainland prisons, Yvan Colonna should have been repatriated. What happened must not have happened in any French prison, but it would never have happened in Borgo. »

As in all other elections, Pierre-Olivier will vote this Sunday in the metropolis of Lille. Of course, with particular attention to what is happening in Corsica at the same time. ” I have relatives who are politically active there. »

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