Life with a baby, after psychiatry

Lena’s story

The young woman did not want to become a mother, but her companion wanted the baby. Then, after four months of high-risk pregnancy, he kicked me out.

The young woman had severe depression, suffered from baby blues after the birth and was admitted to the La Ramée psychiatric hospital.

Thanks to the hospital’s mother-baby ward, Lena is able to bond with her daughter: ” I already have two adult daughters aged 5 and 16. The gestures came back, of course, but I wasn’t feeling well.“Lena is being followed, cared for and last summer she goes out. But since she doesn’t have a “home” to settle down with her daughter, the little one is placed in an emergency care facility for three months.” They were a good family, they didn’t suffer. I could see her for an hour a week and then I cried a lot..”

Joining The Edge allowed Lena to get her daughter back.” It was a shock because children change very quickly at this age. I left a baby and found a little girl who can walk.

community life

In order to be able to live in the La Lisière house, the mother’s mental illness must be stabilized, she must be able to take care of her child even if it goes to the crèche during the day and even if there is a team (nurses). , psychologist, social worker, child psychiatrist and physiotherapist) who comes to the house.

We mostly cook and eat together, the atmosphere is very familiar, in the morning and in the evening we do the ritual of good morning and good evening, we say good evening to your child, but also to your roommate’s child, and the children hug.”

We help each other: we put the other children’s bibs on, we hold the child while the other is changing its diaper… It’s a bit like family life.

    While her daughter is in kindergarten, Lena takes the opportunity to have some time for herself.
While her daughter is in kindergarten, Lena takes the opportunity to have some time for herself. “This is my vacation break.” ©EdA Mathieu Golinvaux

Living together is not always easy, the two mothers who were already there have been joined by a newcomer who finds it difficult to integrate. ” There are cultural differencess,” says Lena. On Friday, during the weekly discussion session, Lena suggested that everyone could express their feelings on an issue to get to know each other.” Let’s see what we have to say about that this week..”

Time at the Edge is not eternal, it ends when the child starts school. ” I don’t know where my daughter will go to school, I need to find a school with an interesting project. I started looking for accommodation and asked an organization to help me manage a budgett.” Operated on the back, the young woman is disabled.” I have to find my own project, I like to sew, knit, I create a lot, I feel like I need my own apartment where I can see my five-year-old daughter who lives with her father, but also, for example, about Keeping in touch with groups of single parents.”

The next step will be a new challenge.

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