Let’s stop saying “miscarriage” and 8 other concrete actions that need to be taken urgently

In France, 200,000 women experience natural abortion every year. This test is still too taboo and the subject of a forum and a petition. To freedom of expression!

The miscarriage affects one in four pregnancies in the first trimester. 200,000 women go through this ordeal every year in France. One in ten women is at risk of experiencing a natural pregnancy loss at some point in their lives. These numbers are very important and yet this topic remains taboo.

A group of people named “Miscarriage, True Experience”She wants to ensure freedom of expression and ensure that natural abortions are better supported. You just published a column in The world and a petition for you to sign.

It is the author Judith Aquien who is at the origin of this forum, written by specialists in the field such as: Fanny de Font-Réaulx, Sandra Lorenzo or Mathilde Lemiesle. She had signed the exciting book Three months of silence.

Let's stop saying

Eight concrete measures

If you haven’t experienced a miscarriage yourself, you definitely know someone who has experienced one or even several.

But in discussions, in the media, the topic is still very taboo. However, the consequences for the people who experience them can be very elusive. Both physically and mentallythese are often lived in silence, in secret.

To help these people, the collective offers “Fausse Shift, True Experience”. Eight concrete measures be put in place, forwarded by The world :

« 1. The establishment ofa national multimedia information campaign in natural termination of pregnancy.

2. The establishment ofa 100% paid stoppage of at least three days for women who have undergone natural abortion and their spouses (as in New Zealand).

3. The budget increase Dedicated to hospitals to enable better management of natural abortions, First reason for consultation in gynecological emergencies. The increase in staff and the creation of dedicated seats in maternity wards (to put an end to auscultation next to birthing rooms with babies screaming in the background).

4. The establishment of Training for midwives and gynecologists-obstetriciansinvolving expert patients (as has been the case in Canada for the past thirty years) to provide better medical care for women who have just had a natural abortion.

5. The involvement in SVT programs and in sex education courses, from intermediate level, fromteaching on natural abortion, their biological causes and their concrete and physical manifestations.

6. The provisiona booklet on natural abortions in all maternity wards, maternity and child protection centers (PMI) and family doctor, midwife and gynecologist practices for women, their spouses and relatives. Leaflet with explanatory elements but also the mention of associations, discussion groups, specialized psychologists who can help you.

7. Offer the opportunitypsychological aftercare reimbursed for women experiencing natural abortion and their spouses to help them navigate this event and calmly consider a future pregnancy.

8th. The creation of’a toll-free number, bugging platform which informs and refers to support and support systems. »

Reading these measures, one wonders why this is not already the case.

In view of the three-day work stoppage, this was one of the 17 actions to better care for and accommodate the first trimester and miscarriages presented by MP Paula Forteza to the Assembly in November 2021. All were rejected. That’s why it’s important to come back to the indictment.

A shift in vocabulary and a collective consciousness

Terminology is important. The term “wrong” gives the impression that it is not real, but the suffering associated with an unwanted pregnancy termination is.

Let's stop saying

In addition, it is not visible externally, but the people who face this event live it in their bodies, physically, it is a real experience. in the The worldthe collective explains the weight of the words:

“Let’s put an end to the expression ‘have a miscarriage’ that makes you feel guilty and invisible. Because nothing is false and everything is true.

Because we “don’t miscarry,” we suffer them. And that words weigh down our minds, dictate our thoughts, and influence our actions. Let’s talk about “natural abortion”. Because that’s what it’s all about and what we experience in our body. »

In order for these measures to reach the public authorities and why not arrive in the debate about the presidential elections, it is important to sign the petition. It goes this way!

Let's stop saying

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