Le Pulp Bar in Decize: a family story for Stéphane Ounaïes

Stéphane Ounaïes, known as “Boubou”, 51 years old, in a relationship, was born in Decize. He spent practically his entire professional life at Pulp, Place Saint-Just, always baptized by the old “Le Saint-Just” or “Le Tapas”. He learned this profession of bartender very early, “when my parents “Mustache” and Nicole

ran the restaurant in Devay. With my brothers Nagib and Eddy

it was fun helping them over the weekend.”

Around the age of 15 he began to shake hands with his father, who was then holding the Saint-Just. “He taught me the trade. I owe him everything… I wish everyone to have a father like mine.” After working for a few seasons in the other Decizois establishments run by his father (Le Courlis bar, Le Palace nightclub), Stéphane Ounaïes eventually returned to Pulp back, of which he has been manager since 2010. Alone at the top, he regularly provides entertainment: “Concerts, karaoke … of course apart from the big events of the year like the sell-out or Pentecost. As with all establishments of this nature, the Covid period has not been easy. “The state has given us good support, but this help is not a substitute for work…”


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From dreams to reality

“I didn’t have any particular dreams when I was a kid. I did a BEP-CAP turner-miller, a job I never practiced… But as far as I can remember, I always wanted to be a police officer. As a teenager I met many mobile gendarmes in Decize who told me about the countries they were going to travel to… I think it was the travel aspect that intrigued me. After the army I wanted to fulfill my dream when I was 19. But I could not. I was told: You are too small. I am 1.65 m tall. I was missing 3 cm… It was a big disappointment. I was fortunate to be able to work again with my father Mustache at the Place Saint-Just bar. »

Rest before rugby now

As a child and teenager, Stéphane Ounaïes played many sports: handball, football, jogging… and especially rugby at ESL. “I started very small and went on to the army. “But since working at the bar, the 50-year-old never has much time for free time. “I have one rest day a week, so I’ll admit it’s entirely dedicated to rest. I also like having a good restaurant. Ah yes, good bowls in good places! “The Decizois would love to go to Saint-Léger-des-Vignes for a rugby match once in a while. “But unfortunately I work on Sundays! »

trade measures

If Stéphane Ounaïes were President of the Republic or an elected local official, what would he do to boost trade? “Oh, I really don’t want to be elected, this must be really complicated! At national level, I think that action should really be taken on pensions for the self-employed. When you see that a person has worked all his life, sometimes starting very young and ending up with a pension of 400 euros, that’s not normal. Most are forced to continue working to survive. If I had one wish locally, it would be to see Place Saint-Just a little livelier, especially in winter. Why not move part of the Friday morning market there?

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