Lanta: The association Lant’Africa is committed to the health and education of the people of Benin

Students from schools in Lantan, Benin received donations from their cousins ​​in Lanta, France.
Students from schools in Lanta, Benin received donations from their cousins ​​in Lanta, France. (©Lant’Afrika)

Since 1998 the village lanta is twinned with the one of the same name, which is located in Benign. As part of this town twinning, the association Lant’Africa was created to carry out cooperative actions in favor of the inhabitants of this commune, which has become a hamlet of the commune Klouékanme in 2002.

After putting his activities on hold due to the almost two years Covid-19 pandemicthe Lanta association has just relaunched the actions organized within the framework of this partnership in early 2022.

Training of nurses in Benin

In February 2022, Simone Laynetthe president of Lant’Africa, traveled to Benin to implement a two-year health project.

naturopath at Toulouse University Hospitalshe provided training around the diabetes and from thearterial hypertension (HTA) to caregivers at Klouékanmè Hospital and traditional healers (healers who practice unconventional medical practice) in the industry.

“This transfer of skills was requested by the hospital’s doctors, given the emergence of these two pathologies in sub-Saharan Africa and more specifically in Benin. This project has been funded by the Pierre Fabre Foundation.”

Simone LaynetPresident of Lant’Africa

visiting schools

During this humanitarian journey, Simone Laynet did not come empty-handed. She also visited in Lanta schools to meet the children and teachers and present them with donations from their French cousins.

“A collection of school supplies was carried out by the parents of the primary schools in Lanta, France, in collaboration with the media library. Sports equipment such as hats, T-shirts or shoes also made the little athletes happy.”

Simone Laynet

More projects will follow

The President of Lant’Africa reminds that her association carries out cooperative actions in many areas in order to enable access for the local populationtraining (school and reading books), at hardwareIn thewaterl’electricity and above all to health (medical material…). “Of course, our club has always worked in secret, but against all odds, it continues on its happy path,” she notes.

Lant’Africa is also working on an action around obstetric fistulas, serious injuries that can occur during childbirth, endangering the life of young women. ” It is a Public health problem in Benin and this project falls within the framework of government policy since the first lady, madame Claudine Taloncreated a foundation to eradicate this silent scourge of women,” explains Simone Laynet, who reminds us that all donations are welcome.

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