lack of members. The Association of Mentally Disabled Underage Children of Yours waived

For more than 30 years, Ademimc has brought together the families of intellectually disabled minor children to connect and defend their interests.
For more than 30 years, the Ademimc has brought together the families of mentally disabled children in the Eure region to build connections and represent their interests. It is finished. (©DR)

Still crammed with the club’s last coffers, the Ademimc office is gradually being emptied of its memories. More than 30 years of history, started on October 15, 1990 at the initiative of Dominique Desagulierwere stored there.

As the father of a disabled little girl, he was faced with the problem of his child’s education when he decided to bring the department’s families together. “We had to come together to find solutions. We started writing to doctors, ophthalmologists and physical therapists to find the families. Some played the game, some didn’t,” he recalls Ghislaine Duvalan early member.

Several families quickly joined and began meeting in Ghislaine’s dining room. For the first time, members could discuss, share their problems and start considering solutions. The strength of the collective allowed a rapprochement with La Source de Vernon and the creation of a specialized school for children rather quickly.

A first victory and relief for families, followed by a partnership with the department’s leisure centers that led to the reception of children in several structures. secretary of the association, Brigitte Coplo remembers with emotion the reception of his son. “It was very nice. You made a lot of connections with the able-bodied.”

First installed on the first floor of the last building of the Tilly barracks in Évreux, the Ademimc eventually moved to the Espace Saint-Léger. The years have passed. Some projects failed, others succeeded. This also applies to the residential center opened in 2009 San Sebastián (Bois-Morsent) now managed by L’Arche de Verneuil sur Avre.

Beyond the advances made in the reception and care of children, Ghislaine Duval and Brigitte Coplo mourn the end of a family life illustrated by numerous photo albums. That of Ademimc members who used to meet regularly to share parties, trips, vacations, simply to interrupt a daily routine that was often very difficult to manage.

Fewer and fewer members

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Supported by numerous donors, financed by campaigns, the association held out until the members became fewer and fewer. “Today associations are multiplying. Parents create them for their children and start pots. They did not understand the strength of the collective”, regrets Brigitte Coplo, convinced that the isolated families will quickly face the difficulties that Ademimc experienced in its infancy.

Desperate at the dwindling membership, the Ademimc reluctantly decided to scuttle itself in late 2021. The resolution was pronounced last January. As the last boxes leave the Espace Saint-Léger, Ghislaine and Brigitte have a hard time turning the page with memories on their minds. The pictures of the runners remain Breaking wave of Vaudreuil who have supported the club for years. Those of the employees of cutter “who did a lot for us” and “all the volunteers who helped us”. May they be thanked.

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