La Ferté-sous-Jouarre: These young people want to “help all children in difficulty” during their school years

Antonin Oudin, Treasurer, and Margaux Delory, President of the Scholaris Association based in La Ferté-sous-Jouarre.
Antonin Oudin, Treasurer, and Margaux Delory, President of the Scholaris Association based in La Ferté-sous-Jouarre. (© The Country Briard)

“We have observed that the pandemic has caused many students great difficulties,” emphasizes Margaux Delory, President of the Mon Support Scholaris association based in La Ferte sous Jouarreat Seine et Marne.

With Antonin Oudin, treasurer currently in her fourth year at an engineering school (EPF) in Cachan, in her final year (literature and geopolitics) at the Sainte-Céline high school, the young woman wanted “to help everyone who needs every day, who feels lost and that Losing confidence in yourself That’s how they started the association.

In the project since September, it has only just started its activities.

Eight volunteers offer tutoring for students from the sixth to the last yearand possibly this suggestion will be supplemented by a homework help, from CP to CM2.

“Don’t Forget a Child”

“It’s a project that’s very close to my heart because I can understand children who are struggling and parents who can’t afford to pay for the tuition at the usual prices. That’s what we did it for. We had to pass on what we learned during our journey. »

Margaux DeloryThe president of the club

And the need is really there, “especially in the sixth grade, when you arrive at college. This level was very tough, it was really lacking in recent years, she adds, specifying it, but I don’t want any child to be forgotten. »

Accessible prices

That’s why the prices are low. “We set the tutoring at 11 euros for one hour, but we also set up a package system: 50 euros for 5 hours and 99 euros for 10 hours. The aim is to donate everything to the association, to maintain it and later to be able to organize events with the children we have many projects to develop it ‘ says the young woman.

What Margaux Delory and Antonin Oudin, among others, want is anchor in the country of fertoisand then, expand elsewhere. “It’s ambitious, but we want to make it happen,” they emphasize.

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And Antonin Oudin continues:

“We want to get closer to town halls and parent-teacher associations to build some sort of partnership. I would love to include my school, or even my hometown, why not. »

You could also work with other associations, such as the Meldois collective, which specializes in reintegration.

“By young people for young people”

These courses are mainly offered by high school and college studentsVolunteers within the association who help in all matters, for every level.

“We have a good variety of teachers in literary, scientific or language fields, but also in subjects for seniors. »

Antonin Oudintreasurer and teacher

“Anyone who can teach can join us, but we chose young people instead because we like the principle of young people teaching young people to earn something an interesting proximityeven if nothing is excluded,” the young man continues.

The same principle applies to the students, the club is open to everyone: “If adults need help, that’s no problem. »

only online

At the moment everything is done online remotely. “In direct comparison, it is complicated in terms of standards and we do not know how the situation will develop,” emphasizes Margaux Delory.

“And that’s not a problem,” Antonin Oudin continues, because young people are used to it. You don’t get lost and it all comes together very quickly. Which is to practice it’s like you stay in your world, it’s easier to find niches for kids and also for volunteers. »

But nothing is fixed yet.

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