Kylie Jenner: Why is she still hiding her baby’s name?

More than two months after his birth, we still don’t know Kylie Jenner’s son’s first name. Why is she keeping it a secret?

Kylie Jenner, mother of a baby boy who was born last February, didn’t tell us everything. Because we don’t know the name of her baby yet. This one is no longer called Wolf. And his identity remains mysterious…! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Kylie Jenner has changed her son’s name

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s new baby was born on February 2, 2022. An adorable little boy, previously known to everyone as Wolf Webster.

However, we now know that this is not Stormi’s little brother’s real first name. Uh yes! However, a few days after the toddler was born, his parents had decided to share his identity.

On Instagram, Kylie Jenner had taught us that she was Travis named their newborn wolf. But this first name was not attributed to him for a long time.

Because then the star couple made a U-turn. In fact, we don’t know why Kylie Jenner and her companion have decided to give their son a different first name.

A rather strange fact that the young woman’s father somehow tried to explain. “It’s Kylie’s decision. (…) To be honest, I think it’s very good”informed Caitlyn Jenner.

So after that first name change, things stayed the same. Because since then it has become impossible for the press and fans of the beautiful brunette Find out her little boy’s new name.

In fact, Kim Kardashian’s half-sister remains very mysterious on the subject. Last March, the young woman was responsible for officially making it known on Instagram his son’s name was no longer Wolf.

Kylie Jenner on Why She's Still Hiding Her Baby's Name
Kylie Jenner on Why She’s Still Hiding Her Baby’s Name

Fans try to find Wolf’s new first name

And recently, in an interview with her sisters for Entertainment Tonight, she explained why it took her so long to share Stormi’s little brother’s name.

“We have solid options but we have not officially validated them« , She said. Then she added: “Before I officially change his first name, I want to make sure it’s the right one”explained that who is trying to find the line after her pregnancy.

She also explained that First name Wolf was never on his list. In fact, it was more of a Khloé idea. “I really liked that name”assured Kylie to Khloé. “There’s nothing against Wolf, it just wasn’t him”.

So at the moment, the toddler’s parents don’t seem to have made up their minds. Unless it’s all just a parade to fool the fans…

Because when the little boy’s parents pretend to hesitate over his first name, fans have their own idea. On Reddit, some have suggested the name “Angel”. Since Kris Jenner alluded to an angel on the day her grandson was born.

For others, Kylie Jenner’s son could also be named Knight (meaning knight) or even Jacques. Travis Scott’s real name is actually Jacques Webster. So, to your predictions!

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