Kylie Jenner Tries to Regain Her Pre-Pregnancy Body!

Shortly after having a baby boy, Kylie Jenner is already doing everything she can to find her pre-pregnancy body!

It’s been two months since Kylie Jenner gave birth to her son. And as she experiences the best moments of her life, she’s more impatient than ever to find her pre-pregnancy body. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Happiness in abundance

During her pregnancy, Kylie Jenner stepped away from the media sphere to focus on her well-being. It must be said that she went through very difficult times after Travis Scott’s concert at Astroworld.

The latter was accused of being deaf while dozens of people died before his eyes. Stormi’s mother also received a lot of criticism for filming the scene, which she then did shared on social media.

His little retirement has done him a lot of good. She became closer to her family and her sweetheart Travis Scott. last February, The two lovebirds welcomed a little boy.

His first name, Wolf Jacques, surprised the whole world. The mother-of-two decided to make the switch last month because she “really didn’t feel like he was” with Wolf.

A source told our PEOPLE colleagues that Kylie Jenner “Would reveal her baby’s name when she’s ready.” Kylie and Travis loved Wolf, but after meeting their son, they felt the name wasn’t right for him. They wanted to choose the perfect name that they both loved. »

One thing is for sure, this The new role of mother does her very well. Another source adds that “Becoming a mother of two has softened her even more. »

“Kylie is such a kind and caring mother. She really is the best mother and she is always active and doing something for the baby and Stormi herself. She’s super nice with these kids.” said the source.

Kylie Jenner: Her body bothers her

Since birth, Kylie Jenner is obsessed with her body. She is only working on her physical condition to regain her old body.

This Friday, the Kardashians star revealed her postpartum body progress on Instagram. So she shared a video of her stomach in front of a mirror. “My abs here are finally trying to come back« .

It lifts her spirits as the international star says her postpartum experience “wasn’t easy”. What triggered a wave of criticism on social networks.

“So this experience was a bit more difficult for me than it was for my daughter. It’s not easy mentally, physically and spiritually, it’s just crazy.”

However, Kylie Jenner reassured the moms: “It’s normal not to feel well. When I realized I was putting myself under pressure… And I keep reminding myself that I made a whole person, a beautiful, healthy boy…”

” We So we have to stop pressuring ourselves. Not even physically, just mentally, after birth. So yes, I just want to send some love. »

So this is a message that is very good for mothers in the same situation.

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