Koh-Lanta: an iconic contestant pregnant for the first time!

Several personalities have announced their pregnancy for the year 2022. It’s a Koh-Lanta contestant’s turn to make a revelation!

An emblematic candidate from Koh-Lanta announced very good news on her Instagram account. She is becoming a mother for the first time. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Babies come in droves

Definitive, This year is conducive to the arrival of babies. Several stars have announced their pregnancy. Rihanna is the one who made the most noise when she showed off her baby bump to our colleagues from People.

In France, many reality TV contestants have revealed their pregnancy. When Carla Moreau pretends to share tons of photos from her pregnancy, others really are. As Kamila expecting a little girl.

A few days ago, Maddy Burciaga announced that she is expecting a little baby. Enough to make Benjamin Samat happy!

Rumor has it that she would have paid 3000 euros to find out the sex of the baby before the lesson. She would also have paid this sum to ensure that her fetus would be well.

Baby announcements don’t stop there! Imagine a contestant from Koh-Lanta about to become a mother! He it is then Diane Goulesque.

She took part the Koh Lanta 2020 Edition: The 4 Lands. She was the big winner of the season alongside Alexandra. And also Loïc and our dear Bertrand-Kamal.

But Diane Goulesque didn’t stay long in Koh-Lanta: The 4 Lands. But whatever! She could find joy in the arms of her favorite Thibault Daubagna.

Koh-Lanta: wonderful news

Diane Goulesque is therefore very happy with Thibault Daubagna. The two lovers spin the perfect love. So much so that they announced wonderful news on social networks.

So this Friday, April 8th, Diane Goulesque revealed itshe was expecting a happy event. Uh yes! The Koh-Lanta ex-competitor will experience the joys of becoming a mother.

She therefore posted a beautiful photo of her couple with the following caption: “Thibault and I expect a mini-we in August 2022. What luck and what impatience to expand the family after 6 years of love“.

In the photo in question we can seet her baby’s first ultrasounde. But then the question arises, are you expecting a girl or a boy?

More said the young woman under the photo: “On Sunday it’s time for our gender reveal party to find out if the baby will be a little girl or a little boy. »

See you on April 10th to find out more! You can read in the comments the joy of Internet users : « All my congratulations and maximum happiness”, “Bravo, it’s wonderful news”, “It’s so nice, congratulations”

If they’re on their little cloud, Diane Goulesque and Thibault Daubagna won’t be getting married because of this. However, this remains the wish of the Koh-Lanta candidate. That’s why she told our colleagues from Purepeople.com.

“It could have changed if he had asked me to marry him, but he didn’t! Maybe I should have won for that. So I am waiting for the request”.

It is therefore a case to follow on MCE TV!

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