Kim Kardashian: Pete Davidson is ‘proud’ that she met her family!

While Kim Kardashian has seen Pete Davidson’s family, the latter seems happy with this phase in his relationship!

Recently the relationship between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are getting more and more serious. Since the divorce between Kanye West and the young woman was formalized, the latter no longer hesitates to show her happiness.

A new course passed

While she was in the middle of a divorce from Kanye West, Kim Kardashian had one true love at first sight for Pete Davidson. And the least we can say is that this romance really pleases Kylie Jenner’s sister.

Shortly thereafter, Kim Kardashian didn’t hesitate to formalize her relationship with Pete Davidson. In fact, she shared several photos with her darling on her Instagram account.

The two lovebirds appeared very close. Recently, the two took a new step in their relationship. The reality TV contestant has .

While the young man went to a photo shoot, they used a moment of pause to see his grandparents. Things get very serious between the two. It’s not over more than just a little love affair.

In a recent interview with US Weekly, a source revealed that it was Pete Davidson proud to have introduced Kim Kardashian to his family. It was something close to his heart. And for good reason, he seems close to his family.

“It was definitely the next step in their relationship. And he’s thrilled to be able to introduce Kim to his family.”. The source also revealed that the young woman was very “happy” in their romantic relationship.

Kim Kardashian soon with her sweetheart at the Met Gala

If Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have reached a new milestone in their relationship, they will soon be marking the occasion. In fact, many rumors claim they will.

A source told Hollywood Life: “Kim Kardashian has to come to the Met Gala. And wants nothing more than Pete Davidson to accompany him to this event. They were both invited separately by Anna Wintour, as they have been in the past.”.

Also before adding: “Kim and Pete are ready to make their big debut as a couple. They think the Met Gala is the perfect place for that.”. One thing is for sure, fans can’t wait to see the two.

Some are wondering if Kim Kardashian and her sweetheart will celebrate the occasion with matching outfits, for example. It will still be necessary to be patient before discovering it. In fact, the The 2022 Met Gala takes place on the first Monday in May.

Wait a few more weeks to discover Kim Kardashian’s and her sweetheart’s outfits for the event. Meanwhile, fans will also be able to see them on TV very soon.

As a reminder, Hulu will also be broadcasting the new reality show The Kardashians. Shortly after KUWTK ended, the family decided to return to the spotlight. The Chicago, Saint, North and Psalm mom should speak up about her divorce from Kanye West!

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