Karate: The Béland family has a busy summer ahead of them

If we say so what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, this is not the case with the Béland. The trio wants to leave their mark.

5″,”text”:”Mon objectif principal serait de performer et d’essayer de finir dans le top5″}}”>My main goal would be to perform and try to be in the top 5wishes Antoine, 11 years old.

Antoine in action at karate.

Antoine Béland is the youngest of the family.

Photo: Radio Canada / Reno Patry

Her big sister Simonne, 14, has very curious step onto the Nevada tatami. fun et pour s’améliorer à l’international.”,”text”:”On ne s’en va pas là-bas pour récolter des points, c’est vraiment pour le fun et pour s’améliorer à l’international.”}}”>We’re not going there to score points, we’re going there for that fun and improve internationally.

The eldest of the family, François-Xavier, 15, will go to the largest city in the state of Nevada with the same goal. It’s still a big competition. It’s a bit stressful. It’s trippy. It’s big, there will be a lot of people!

For the Bélands, this trip to Las Vegas could be the start of a busy summer. They all intend to be selected to be part of the provincial team heading to the Canadian Championships in Newfoundland in early July.

Young people doing karate.

The trio attended Karate Canada training camp this weekend.

Photo: Radio Canada / Reno Patry

If all goes well, the Pan Am Junior Championship will be added to their schedule in late August. In the meantime, François-Xavier and Simonne could fly to Mexico City for a big competition. Antoine is not eligible as it only includes karateka aged 14+.

10 à Mexico”,”text”:”À court terme, je vise les panaméricains et un top10 à Mexico”}}”>In the near term, I’m aiming for the Pan Americans and a top 10 in Mexico‘ said the eldest. Words that resonated with his sister.

« My biggest challenge would be to become world champion one day. It’s a lot of work, but I think I can do it. »

A quote from François-Xavier Beland, Karateka

Words that resonated with his sister, who shares the same sporting ambitions. I would like to go to the World Championships, but in the short term I’m aiming for Mexico to gain experience.

One sport, one family

In the world of karate in the Outaouais, this family from Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix needs no introduction. The Béland are well known and come in packs of three.

It’s a great experiencesays Simonne, the youngest.

« I like to talk about my two brothers. We are a beautiful brotherhood. We do karate together and we are a wonderful family. »

A quote from Simonne Beland, Karateka
Interview with Simonne Beland.

“We do karate together and we’re a wonderful family,” says Simonne Béland, 14.

Photo: Radio Canada

Antoine, the youngest, finds this cool“,”text”:”très cool”}}”>very Cool being able to follow in the footsteps of his two eldest.

« If I do karate, it’s thanks to them. »

A quote from Antoine Beland, Karateka

Due to the pandemic-related lockdowns of the past two years, the trio has never lacked sparring partners. Antoine seems to be the one who has benefited the most.

They help me improve when we train at home. I like that. They know each otherhe boasts.

Karate Canada in Gatineau

Before the Bélands packed their bags for Las Vegas, they were able to attend Karate Canada’s training camp, which was held all weekend in Gatineau. For her, it was an opportunity to meet the crème de la crème of her country.

It allows us to meet athletes from anywhere. We get to know them. We also take the opportunity to improve our techniques and vary the training partners.lists François-Xavier.

Four young people are running.

François-Xavier Béland (centre) during a Karate Canada training session.

Photo: Radio Canada / Reno Patry

For Simonne it is great preparation when she has to compete with the national elite of her sport. We’re improving our techniques to improve for the Canadian Championship.

The youngest, Antoine, really enjoyed it. Apparently the work doesn’t scare him. cool de découvrir de nouvelles personnes qui aiment le karaté.”,”text”:”C’est difficile pour le cardio! On travaille très fort, mais c’est ce que j’aime de mon sport. C’est cool de découvrir de nouvelles personnes qui aiment le karaté.”}}”>It’s hard on the heart! We work very hard, but that’s what I love about my sport. It is Cool to discover new people who love karate.

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