“Joel Embiid destroyed my children”

Joel Embiid gives absolutely everything he has for the Sixers, even off the field. One assistant trainer even admits that sometimes he does a little too much… The process would indeed have shown no mercy to the offspring of the person concerned!

Often disturbed by injuries, Joel Embid yet never flinched from the slightest challenge, even when physically weakened. Affected by Covid-19 at the beginning of the season, the Cameroonian is still one of the big favorites for the MVP today. It has to be said that his stats are absolutely tremendous, the colossus averaging 30 points, 11 rebounds and 4 assists per game while Philadelphia is in the top 4 in the East (48 wins 30 losses).

In addition to his dominant performances, the former Kansas also shines with great fighting spirit, not only on the pitch. During an interview with the athlete, Sixers assistant coach Billy Lange and his wife shared a funny anecdote about the big man. Invited to the family home, he first distinguished himself by a very kind gesture toward the couple’s children. Except that the latter later learned that he had only one goal in mind: to massacre you at the console!

Extremely competitive Joel Embiid… in video games

Billy Long : My wife Alicia and I have four sons. One day he came home, my wife was cooking for him. He had a backpack with him and he asked my boys, “Do you want to play video games?” Of course they answered yes. And suddenly he opened his bag and pulled out his PlayStation, and then he played against her. When I say he destroyed my children, there was no mercy. I think he won a Madden game 98-6.

Then he played NBA 2K with them, which has all these different camera angles. My kids always use the one that feels like watching the game on TV, but Joel plays with the camera at ground level. He beat her by 200 points. He was relentless and kept telling them, “You can’t defend me. You can not stop me. He giggled as he destroyed them. It was wonderful. And all while my wife was cooking for him!

Alicia Long : At that time my children were 7, 9 and 10 years old. He showed the games on the main TV in my house. He wanted everyone to see how badly he hit her. He destroyed them and laughed all the time. He messed up all my kids at every game.

Obviously, The Process has no mercy on anyone, including the younger generation and whatever the field.

That’s a good thing, though, because the Sixers will need his inner fire to go far in the playoffs this year. After being knocked out by the Hawks in inglorious circumstances in 2020-21, the Pennsylvania franchise is looking to make the Finals this time around, especially after the arrival of James Harden. The duo of The Beard and the number 21 will be crucial to the success of the Doc Rivers-coached group and we can count on the franchise player to give his all in the post-season.

Either way, alongside Joel Embiid, Billy Lange’s kids were entitled to a memorable experience. However, I’m not sure if they want to play against him in video games again given his competitiveness!

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