Jeanne, 94, happy in a foster family for the elderly in Gironde

Jeanne has been living with a host family with two other boarders for 18 months. No question for them to go to Ehpad. She tells about her experience. A family and personal welcome that the department wants to promote.

I came to do a 15 day trial and I’ve been at it for a year and a half!‘ Jeanne smiled.

After the death of her husband, she lived alone for 22 years. Then came the time when she could no longer remain alone. But for them no question to go to an Ehpad. “I saw a friend of mine there, they made her do things she didn’t like” She says.

It was one of his granddaughters who suggested a foster family to him.

Here it is the good atmosphere, the good food, the well-being. We are always washed, always clean, as soon as we get a stain we are changed. That’s not the case everywhere! Of course I’d be happier if I was at home, but we’re still fine here, really. What more ?


Source: France 3 Aquitaine

the ninety-year-old confides. Although she admits that as a truly independent woman, she found it difficult to follow the rules of the household: entrusting her medicines, keeping to meal times, etc.

We do a lot of activities with our residents, that creates bonds“, explains Nathalie, a life coach by training, licensed by the services of the Elderly Reception Department since 2014.

An “H24” job, she admits, supported by her husband Cyril, a former soldier who also got the permit 3 years ago. They found the ideal house in Les Peintures in the Libournais.

A large garden, three bedrooms of over 9 square meters and a walk-in shower.

Yes, there are many manual activities“confirms Jeanne, who likes to work with pearls, paints, reads and above all plays with words.

I still have to find one or two, it’s hard for me, but I’ll find them, it’s my pleasure. We are also made to do additions, subtractions, it keeps the head a little


Source: France 3 Aquitaine

appreciates the ninety-year-old with a lively and teasing spirit, an assertive character and an open mind.

We also do a lot outside with the animals and in the garden. In summer there are plantations, irrigation“explains Cyril.

In her garden chickens, horses, soon cows.

We also make dominoes, lotus. Disabled by her Parkinson’s disease, Lucette loves lotteries and especially sweets to win!

Cyril – welcoming

Source: France 3 Aquitaine

We try to get them to do what pleases themNathalie explains it simply.And then I try to preserve their autonomy as much as possible. For example, Jeanne and Solange make their bed by themselves, sometimes with just a little help“.

We see our friends less, that’s for sure. In the evening we cannot leave them alone or we have to find someone to replace us. And when we have guests, they eat with ussays the mistress of the house, who admits that she leaves very little on vacation.Or not both at the same time“.

A job “with multiple hats. They have to get the doctor, the social worker, to be there anytime they need anything. It’s a choice.”

But the couple appreciates the contact with the residents and their families. “We follow them to the end. One of them left last year. We made the end of life with the family that came every day and night. She was at home for 4 years. We kept in touch with relatives.“.

Jeanne also wants to end her days in this house. “As long as she can stay here without suffering, we will accompany her‘ says Natalie.

The Gironde department wants to develop this type of reception. Currently, 150 families are admitted to boarding schools and 380 elderly people are housed there.

The costs ? “About 1200 euros if you have to pay 1900 euros for a public Ehpad and much more in the private sector“says Romain Dostes, the vice president of the department responsible for senior policy.

This third way between the residence and the Ehpad is something we seek and want to privilege“, he assures. In addition to foster families, he wants to promote shared living spaces.”It’s about bringing people together who want to live differently, and not necessarily in the loneliness of home.“.

This type of shared accommodation between seniors is being studied in several small municipalities in the Gironde.

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Jeanne, 94, happy in a foster family for the elderly in Gironde


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