Jane Birkin’s daughter shows off her incredible baby bump

Lou Doillon is a singer who found success many years ago. The latter gave birth to a child in the early 2000s, and she’s also pregnant again, fully revealing herself!

The Crazy Life of Lou Doillon!

She is an artist who can afford to wear multiple hats.

In fact, the latter is known to be the daughter of Jacques Doillon and Jane Birkin and also includes Charlotte Gainsbourg in her family.

The latter is an actress, designer, author, composer, performer and model. A career in any field that has allowed him to become known to many people.

In particular, she has taken part in about fifteen films, which have allowed her talent as an actress to be showcased. But it wasn’t until 2012 that she started making music, reaching a different audience.

His first album made himself known from a different angle and was very well received by the public. And the following year, 2013, she received the award for Best Female Artist and Performer at music wins.

In the following years she undertook several tours in order to reach her audience more closely. In 2015 and 2019, she released two new albums that were equally well received by audiences.

In order to be able to celebrate this, she undertakes several international tours, which has steadily increased her popularity.

Lou Doillon’s pregnancy!

It is not uncommon for stars from different sectors to open up about different aspects of their private lives.

In fact, the cameras and the media are also very enterprising on this issue, thereby undermining various aspects of their lives.

But you should know that these personalities, like Lou Doillon, want to make confessions in order to help many people. Because it has a significant impact on a large community, being able to offer counsel and testimony is important.

But Lou Doillon recently opened up about her new pregnancy, which is pretty unusual for some. In fact, you should know that the singer gave birth to her first child back in 2002. And she’s pregnant again, giving birth to a sibling to her 20-year-old son!

The latter did not want to reveal the identity of her child or that of her companion and thus his father.

And baby bump important!

A pregnancy that has only recently been announced since the latter announced it on March 18, 2022.

And to do this, she wanted to show it off in a video of just a few seconds posted on Instagram. In this video, Lou Doillon strikes glamorous poses while looking at his lens with his arms raised behind his head and hiding his chest under a white tulle chiffon.

During this video, fans could see her round tummy, which obviously showed this already advanced pregnancy.

In particular, she clarified the following in the description of this video: ” In bloom, meaning “in the process of hatching”.« .

And she especially hashtag” Oops, I did it again“. A beautiful announcement that has filled the hearts of his fans. But she reposted a video on April 2, 2022, revealing a different aspect of her personality.

In this black and white photo, the singer appears in profile. She poses with her hands on her hips and mischievously in dark overalls that emphasize her round stomach. Without make-up or artifice.

Most of all, she looks very fulfilled, which makes it possible to please the hearts of fans as well. The latter, in particular, had many messages that allowed them to highlight their great surprises: “ you shine”, “you carry life magnificently« .

But since then there have been no new photos of Lou Doillon’s pregnancy. In fact, the latter hasn’t posted any photos or videos yet, which keeps her fans waiting.

But it shouldn’t last long as it will keep its subscribers updated!

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