“It’s the 4th dimension”, “Why do you put yourself through this?” : This mom’s trick to saving stuns netizens

Not all savings tricks are good. At least that’s what many internet users thought on this Sunday, March 27, 2022 in front of Capital on M6. Angelique and her rather restrictive “workbook method” didn’t really hit the mark on Twitter.

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Screenshot M6 Direct/Capital

The topic is more relevant than ever. This Sunday, March 27, 2022, Capital on M6 took an interest in the problem of inflation with three consecutive reports on the topic “Crazy prices, purchasing power on the carpet: who can lower French bills”. The first of them presented tips on how to save money without depriving yourself (too much). The report thus followed French people who decided to buy wholesale in order to reduce the cost of groceries, firewood but surprisingly also their home insurance. Another trick presented: sharing the expenses, sometimes between complete strangers. Thus, M6 followed a family that could afford subscriptions to Netflix, Canal Plus, Salto or even Disney Plus, thanks to a website that works on the same principle as ridesharing.

“Make money visible” was another economic method offered by the show. If you only shop with a credit card, you can’t always keep track of your spending accurately. Some therefore choose to pay with cash. And Angélique, a mother living in Rouen, goes even further: following the technique of American influencers, the mother of two drains her bank accounts every month. In an extremely organized manner, she then distributes the tickets in a small folder after consultation with her companion: one envelope for each category of expenditure – leisure time, meals, subsistence, etc. -. If it is empty, you can no longer think about a drawing, the planned purchase is postponed to the next week. In another folder, Angelique sets aside €340 each month for future expenses. Something to organize a nice trip to Portugal or the United States soon …

To see how she organizes herself to manage her €100-a-week grocery budget, cameras followed her to the supermarket. To be remembered, the mother of the family does her shopping with a scanner in hand, alongside her shopping list and menus for the week. Of course, she doesn’t skimp on sales and doesn’t hesitate to head for the meat in the short date department. On Twitter, such millimeter-precise organization did not really make many people dream. From the reunion of an unromantic couple to very framed races, some have found their everyday lives sad.

Surprised by this way of life, the twittos were even more amazed to discover that Angélique had also managed to create a parallel business: the Rouennaise is very active on Tiktok to share her tips and manages, with her 200,000 subscribers, a website to apply … on which envelopes are sold for 35 euros! For some twittos, selling folders at this price from a savings pro is the height…

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