Its maritime. Hair samples taken from children to establish health surveillance

On Saturday March 26, 2022, hair samples were taken from around a hundred children in Rouen, at the initiative of the Lubrizol victims' association.
On Saturday March 26, 2022, hair samples were taken from around a hundred children in Rouen, at the initiative of the Lubrizol victims’ association. (©ASL)

A Campaign to collect hairperformed with a hundred childrentook place at Place Foch in Rouen (Seine-Maritime) Saturday March 26, 2022, as well as in the city serki. Organized by theAssociation of Victims of Lubrizol (ASL) aims to a health monitoring Population. It also points to the work of a future institute eco citizenwhich several associations are demanding.

Missing health data

“We will be looking for 1,800 organic pollutants and 49 metals,” says Simon de Carvalho, President of the ASL. This type of campaign is a first in our field. The association relied on the ToxSeek lab to carry it out, and supervisors collected the samples.

The participants, aged 5 to 15, were selected after calls for participation via the association’s networks. Two thirds live in the Rouen metropolitan area. But why children? “Because we want to follow them into adulthood,” emphasizes the President of the ASL. And because they are theoretically less polluted than us, don’t dye their hair, don’t drink, don’t smoke cigarettes. This first sample forms the “T0” of health surveillance.

As rehearsals are individual at the moment, results will only be announced at the family’s request. Finally, the association would like to use the results of future campaigns to conduct studies whose results can be made public. “We will be able to say that on such a date in the Rouen conurbation we have this and that rate or this pollutant. If we face another catastrophe tomorrow, we can rely on this type of analysis, which doesn’t exist today. This lack of historical data is a real problem for the judiciary regarding the pollution associated with Lubrizol. »

“Public funds should be used for this”

The cost of the campaign for the club is 29,000 euros. Part of this is supported by a grant from the city of Rouen. By managing to organize it on its own and on a voluntary basis, despite the “monster job” that this represents, the ASL wants to challenge the elected representatives of the territory. “We know that it doesn’t cost a lot for a municipality to take an interest in the environmental health of its population,” emphasizes Simon de Carvalho. So why don’t we have more analytics? If it’s not a question of money, would it be a question of ignorance or will? »

The association would also like to express its interest in founding an eco-citizen institute. “Executing such a campaign and processing the results would be one of his tasks. Public funds should be used for this. “Especially in Normandy, an area where life expectancy is lower than in the rest of metropolitan France.

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