Is the famous “glow” of pregnancy a myth or a reality?

Rihanna celebrates the launch of her cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty at ULTA Beauty on March 12, 2022 in Los Angeles. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty

According to legend, the complexion of pregnant women is rosier and more radiant. A doctor sheds light on this phenomenon.

“There is a glow of pregnancy,” affirms Rihanna, who was asked about her glowing face in an interview for the American edition of the magazine she. The upcoming happy event is partly responsible for her radiant complexion in her recent public appearances. This flattering look during pregnancy is often attributed to celebrities like Blake Lively, Kate Middleton or Emily Ratajkowski, like all women.

So the famous onesglow» Pregnancy really exists? “Not every woman gets such glowing skin with every pregnancy. There are some who might even complain about the appearance of their skin,” warns Michèle Sayag, allergist and head of medical strategy at Bioderma Laboratories. On the other hand, there are actually pigment changes in the face of all women, which can explain this sudden “blush” effect.

Rihanna celebrates the launch of her cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty at ULTA Beauty on March 12, 2022 in Los Angeles. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty

A universal rosy effect

During pregnancy, there is “a rather dazzling hormonal impregnation” mainly due to the high production of estrogen and progesterone: “All in all, this causes an increase in blood volume to meet the needs of the baby. In the face, this leads to an intensification of cutaneous vascularization. From the outside, this is perceived as a rosier complexion than usual,” says Dr. Sayag. This phenomenon is common to all pregnant women from the first two months of pregnancy, “because it is a physiological change that is necessary for the growth of the baby,” says the doctor. This gives “good looks” or “doll complexion” to that side, but it does not systematically provide a light reflection effect.

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A physiological and psychological impact

Another proven hormonal fluctuation may have an impact on this aspect”head“: “From the sixth week of pregnancy, sebum production increases quite quickly. However, there may be a risk of existing acne getting worse,” warns Dr. Michele Sayag. Conversely, if there is no breeding ground for acne on the skin, this overactivity of the sebaceous glands can create a slightly “shiny” effect that contributes to the luminosity of the complexion.

Finally, the doctor sees in it an undeniable psychological dimension: “In general, when you experience your pregnancy well, there is a psychological effect that is manifested at the level of the skin. In most women there is a hormonal effect on the brain that makes them relaxed, happy and therefore reflected in their faces,” notes the specialist, but specifies: “It’s very individual, we can’t say that 100% of pregnant women Women.

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It is important to note that pregnancy-related skin changes vary from woman to woman: “Not everything is stereotyped. You won’t have them all glow, as not all of them will have acne. The condition of the skin will also not always be the same in nine months. There are significant differences in each. The skin can also experience variations in one and the same person,” concludes the expert.

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