Iryna tells of the ordeal of her Ukrainian family

Iryna lives near Gournay-en-Bray but her family lives in Ukraine. His brother’s wife and niece were brought back to France. She will testify at the end of the evening organized on Saturday April 2, 2022 at the Les Ecrans cinema in Gournay.

The Les Ecrans cinema offers animations in support of Ukraine and its people. The program includes encounters, discussions, exchanges with Ukrainian families, donations to the Red Cross. The cinema gives him his prescription. Saturday April 2nd at 8.30pm and Sunday April 3rd at 4pm screening of French, Swiss and Ukrainian films Olgawhich won the Critics’ Week SACD award at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival.A 15-year-old gymnast is torn between Switzerland, where she is training for the European Championships for the Olympics, and Ukraine, where her mother, Journalist, covers Euromaidan events.

Iryna Elie will be present at the end of the film. She is married to a Frenchman, has lived in Villers-sur-Auchy in the Oise for nineteen years and has a boy and a girl who are taught at the Saint-Hildevert school.

“France is my second country”

“I met the man who would become my husband through a marriage agencysays Iryna. I came to France for two weeks, I learned a little French. I was 26 and wanted to start a family. I was very well received by my in-laws, who opened the door for me with big smiles, and by everyone in general. France is my second country. »

Iryna is a temporary worker at DDT in Oise and her husband has been with Maccoco for thirty years. He only speaks a few words of Ukrainian.

10 km from Kyiv

“Before the Covid, every two years we went to my family who lives in Brovary, 10 km from Kyiv. Iryna continues. We hope to go there this summer. My parents are there, as well as brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, etc. »

Iryna’s brother was convinced that the war would not last and he had no intention of sending his wife and 3-year-old daughter away. But when the first bombs fell 800 meters from his house on February 24, 2022, panic broke out. After the bombings, the departure was decided in 10 minutes after being refueled with medicines.

“We didn’t hesitate for a second continues Iryna. Since my husband had had a hip operation some time ago and I had carpal tunnel surgery, we left for Ukraine on March 10th. We were very touched as we got closer to our goal of seeing the number of foreign vehicles flying the flag of Ukraine and loaded with donations. My husband’s colleagues and the residents of the commune had brought many things for those who stayed behind. »

Lots of volunteers

Wearing summer shoes and having filled a suitcase with clothes, he took his wife and child to the train before returning to his ailing father. Iryna and her daughter stayed with about fifteen people in a four-seater compartment for fifteen hours, afraid that a bomb would fall on the train. Then they had to walk the few meters between the Polish and Ukrainian borders. There were also many volunteers there.

“I was very moved to read the desperation and incomprehension on the faces and in the eyes of those who were forced to leave their country. When my sister-in-law saw us, she was relieved. Every day we hear from the family. My sister in law who is a nurse is starting to learn French and my 3 year old niece tells us that she is fine but can’t wait to go home. »

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