Ireland Baldwin reacts to Alec getting 7 with Hilaria

Ireland, Hilaria and Alec Baldwin.

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decades later Alec Baldwin greeted girl Ireland Baldwin in 1995 with his then-wife Kim Basingerher model daughter shares her thoughts on her and pregnant Hilaria Baldwinthe family is growing.

“I get tons of messages from people who are frighteningly obsessed with my dad and his family,” the 26-year-old Los Angeles native wrote in a lengthy Instagram post on Wednesday, April 6. “I think a lot of people take my stand on all of this, well, here it’s free – it’s none of my business. …I don’t care.

The New York Film Academy graduate then wrote that her life was with her boyfriend in Oregon. Andre Allen Anjosher six dogs and his job.

“I smoke weed, eat good food and mind MY business,” Ireland added. “I’m so grateful and happy to be where I am. Thanks to those who always give me their support and kind words. If you still have a negative opinion of me, stay tuned.

The actress, who recently “reached a boiling point,” also opened up about her relationship with her parents as well as her eating disorder.

“I’ve spent far too many years starving myself, stuffing myself, cleaning, measuring, stepping on a scale, spitting food into my purse, and wrecking my body because a troll told me that I would never be as thin and beautiful as my mother. ” She wrote. “Now that I’ve succeeded … I’m actually on the other side. I have my bad days of course. But overall I love f-king food, how romantic. I love my body. I love the way how it moves I like what I feel inside.

After describing her “liberating mental space”, Ireland referenced the infamous 2007 voicemail Alec, 64, left her calling her a pig. “‘Grass’ is beautiful. No offense. The “pigs” are adorable. And smart,” she wrote. “Then the joke is on you.”

Uploading four slides to social media came a week after Alec and Hilaria, 38, announced baby number 7 was on the way. The little one will join Carmen (8), Rafael (6), Leonardo (5), Romeo (3), Eduardo (18 months) and Lucia (13 months).

“After many ups and downs in recent years, we have a nice surprise and a big surprise: another Baldwinito is coming this fall,” he said “Living Clearly” method. The author captioned his March Instagram reveal. “We were pretty sure that our family is complete and we are more than happy about this surprise.”

Sharing a video of his “excited” children in the Post, the former yoga teacher concluded, “Our new baby is a very bright spot in our lives. A blessing and a gift in these uncertain times.

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