Invent a TV show as a family – a good excuse to vary meals around the table

It’s always hard for the kids to eat everything at the table, isn’t it? Do not worry. Almost all families have the same problem. But, you know what ? You have the power to change things. Sometimes just going through the game and using the kids’ codes is enough to give them a powerful message. A change in diet is essential. And that in all phases of life. The ideal is to pick up the best habits as early as possible in life. So you need to trick your kids into understanding how much fruit and veg contributes to a varied diet. Are you ready ? Let’s go…

Unsweetened Beverages

Unsweetened Beverages

Water is the best drink to eat! Among the different Eau by McDo™, your toddlers will surely find one that suits their taste. To reduce the use of plastic, this still or sparkling¹, plain or flavored² water is served in paper cups. It comes from the net and is 99.9% microfiltered.

¹ Water from the micro-filtered network with or without added carbonic acid
² Beverage made with micro-filtered tap water, still or sparkling, with lemon and lime juice from concentrate and flavored with natural flavors or with mint.

Step 1

First, enjoy a meal together as a family around one table a fun little game, which your tech-savvy children will surely like. you will throw a TV. And yes, dear parents, you will be the host of a popular TV show. But be careful, you have to pick great columnists to make this show a success. Obviously, you’re not going to choose just anyone. no You will choose your children. Who better than your children to embody budding scientists and doctors who are capable, without them realizing it, of becoming the best ambassadors for a varied diet! Even go so far as to give the show a title.

And if you enjoy it, turn on your smartphone and let yourself be filmed. A nice keepsake to look back on…

2nd step

Inform your teams before the show starts. Who says what ? Distribute the roles. If you have a kid, he’s the only expert. two kids? One could advocate for vegetables and the other for fruit. If you have 3 or 4 children, give them the opportunity to also contribute to the cause of water or proteins, which are essential to maintaining good health. You, as moderator, must also act as referee. Everyone has a say. Obviously you have also prepared the topic on your side. And when your kids are defending the fruit and veg cause, you’ll be there too to argue the merits. Document yourself! Or stay here, we will give you some information….

Seasonal fruits and vegetables

Seasonal fruits and vegetables

Did you notice that the offer of Happy Meals™ fruits and vegetables change regularly ? This is to better respect the rhythm of nature.
Over the years, the range of side dishes and desserts has grown: Small Cucumbers¹, Small Tomatoes² and Small Carrots to enjoy quickly, but also fruity desserts: Berlingo’Fruit and P’tite pomme³ or P’tite Nectarine⁴ from French eco-responsible orchards … because they taste better that way!

¹ cucumber stick, ²bag of cherry tomatoes, ³small apple wedges, ⁴small nectarine wedges

step 3

You are also an expert in your field. It’s time for you to have all the arguments in mind. When the tomato falls into the debate, you’re set! So know that the tomato Is for example rich in vitamin c 14.3 mg of vitamin C per 100 g of tomatoes. What really contributes to the tone of children and their immunity. Just like them Apple. In addition, it is the champion of vitamins. It is an essential part of a varied diet. As for cucumbers, if your experts talk about it again, you’ll be ground up. Cucumbers contain vitamin K that contribute to good bone health. What about mango or pineapple? Like many fruits, these two fruits are rich in vitamins and nutrients that are essential for good health.

step 4

It is sooooooo beautiful!!!! To cheer. Without realizing it, your children will playfully understand the essential role of a varied diet. This is a great excuse to accompany them on a daily basis to diversify their diet. eat everything It’s also a bet that McDonald’s will take its brands where varied dining is possible. There is not just one Happy Meal, but 1404 different ways of preparing it. A strong number that sounds like as many ways as possible to diversify your meals!

1404 combinations!

1404 combinations!

The selection is large: there is something for everyone and something for everyone!
– 5 sandwiches or 4 Chicken McNuggets™
– 3 side dishes
– 13 drinks, 10 of which are sugar-free or with no added sugar¹
– 6 desserts including 3 fruits

¹ contains naturally occurring sugars

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