Intrauterine pregnancy: what is it, symptoms, course?

An intrauterine pregnancy is when a pregnancy develops in the womb, as opposed to an ectopic or ectopic pregnancy, which poses a great risk to the pregnant woman. Anh-Chi Ton, a midwife, explains what intrauterine pregnancy is, how to confirm it, and the most common symptoms.

The urine pregnancy test is positive and a blood test has confirmed that you are indeed pregnant. The first ultrasound appointment with the baby usually takes place during the dating ultrasound, but sometimesan early ultrasound is performed to confirm that the pregnancy is indeed intrauterine.

What is an intrauterine pregnancy?

An intrauterine pregnancy is a pregnancy that develops in the uterus., explains Anh-Chi Ton, a midwife. So it is abouta “normal” pregnancy where the embryo is implanted in the uterine cavity. An intrauterine pregnancy is logically favorable, even if problems can of course arise at any stage of pregnancy. In some cases, the doctor may wish this Immediately after a positive pregnancy test, make sure that it is indeed an intrauterine pregnancy : if there is a risk factor for an ectopic pregnancy, if there is any bleeding or pain that is of concern, if the pregnant woman does not want to continue the pregnancy.

How do you know that a pregnancy is progressing?

There are several ways to ensure that a pregnancy goes well.. “From 5 SA (weeks of amenorrhea) pregnancy can be localized on ultrasound and cardiac activity is visible around 6 or 7 SA“explains the midwife. If there is any doubt about the course of the pregnancy, several blood tests can be carried out to measure the level of beta-hCG (chorionic gonadotropin).”If the pregnancy continues, the determined value must double every two daysexplains Anh-Chi Tone.

Symptoms of intrauterine pregnancy

As for the symptoms, the midwife reminds us that they vary greatly from woman to woman. “There are the sympathetic signs of pregnancy: missed periods, of course, extreme tiredness, nausea, vomiting, breast tenderness, etc..” explains Anh-Chi Ton. One pregnant woman may have all of these symptoms, another none at all. Every pregnancy is unique and it is therefore advisable not to compare yourself.

Conversely, what is an ectopic pregnancy?

When a pregnancy develops outside the uterus, most often in the fallopian tube, it is called an ectopic pregnancy. This is a non-viable pregnancy that endangers the woman’s life‘ the midwife explains, ‘this is a medical emergency that needs to be treated quickly. Not only may the embryo fail to develop, but an ectopic pregnancy can also cause the fallopian tube to rupture“, she adds.

Two tests can confirm an ectopic pregnancy: control of beta-hCG levels and ultrasound localization of the pregnancy. In the case of an ectopic pregnancy, the woman may experience lower abdominal pain and/or light vaginal discharge. Therefore, the only solution is to terminate the pregnancy as soon as possible, before serious complications arise. “Treatment is most often surgical, although drug treatment may be considered for some ectopic pregnancies that are caught early.“, also explains Anh-Chi Ton.

Thanks to Anh-Chi Ton, midwife

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