INFOGRAPHICS. Covid-19: Young children most affected by the 6th wave? what the numbers say

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The number of young children (0-9 years old) hospitalized with Covid-19, including in intensive care, has risen sharply since December, reaching a peak in late January. Although the numbers have since declined, they still remain high compared to previous waves.

The number of new Covid 19 infections is increasing in France. Hospital admissions also remain high. And children would also be more affected in recent months. Here’s what the numbers mean for the youngest of them.

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According to data from CovidTracker, the incidence rate (number of positive cases per 100,000 population) has been increasing among 0-2 year olds, 3-5 year olds and especially 6-10 year olds since late February/early March. In this age group, the incidence rate is even higher than in the general population: for example, it stands at 1,630 on March 27 versus 1,537.

If the incidence rate affecting them in these age groups has not peaked since the epidemic began, it exploded in late December and peaked in late January: 7,115 for 6-10 year olds on January 25, 4,861 on January 22 for 3- to 5-year-olds and 2,032 on January 24 for 0- to 2-year-olds.


At the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic in France in March 2020, the number of children hospitalized with a coronavirus diagnosis was rather small compared to the entire French population: on April 14, 2020, according to data from Public Health France, On the At the peak of hospitalizations during the 1st wave, 114 children aged 0-9 years were hospitalized with a Covid diagnosis of 32,131 of all ages (ie 0.35% of cases).

During the 2nd wave, the highest number of children aged 0 to 9 hospitalized with coronavirus was 111 on November 8 (33,466 of all ages on November 16). A number that will not be reached until December 11, 2021. Before exceeding it and peaking at 640 hospitalizations on January 27th.

From early February to mid-March, the number of hospital admissions for 0- to 9-year-olds fell drastically. It currently remains high (around 250) and has even trended slightly higher in the past few days (250 on March 28, 259 on March 29, 283 on March 30).

It should be noted that these data do not indicate whether the children are hospitalized for Covid, but that they were positive for another reason during their hospitalization.

In intensive care

At the peak of hospitalizations, at the end of January, 114 children with a Covid diagnosis were in intensive care (see details above). An increase that followed that of hospitalizations from December 2021.

Until then, the highest number of patients aged 0-9 years reached during the epidemic was 26 (as of April 8, 2020).

Although their number has fallen sharply and significantly since the end of January 2022 (33 on March 27), they have been increasing for the last 4 days (38 on March 28, 46 on March 29, 49 on March 30).


Of the 113,659 people who have died (as of March 30) since the start of the epidemic with Covid-19 diagnosis, 32 were between 0 and 9 years old. A number that has almost tripled since early December (13).

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