incredible news for his son Milann ahead of the birth of his baby

In some months Nabilla Benattia and Thomas Vergara become parents for the second time. It will have been necessary to wait for the discovered star love is blind talk about this great news.

A second child for Nabilla

Because if Nabilla and Thomas wanted to remain silent for months, then only to take advantage of it pregnancy with family. But once it’s official, the social media star isn’t hiding anymore. On Snapchat, the expectant mother is happy to reveal information about this pregnancy.

The only mystery: a boy? A girl ? Regarding the pounds gained since the beginning of this pregnancy and her vomiting in the first trimester, Nabilla is transparent. ” I don’t want to go to a psychiatrist, I know it will happen naturally. I think I’m afraid of responsibility »she said to her fans a few days ago.

Milan is big now

But Nabilla has some time left before this new child arrives. And while waiting your arrival, the star takes advantage of his eldest Milann. A boy who turns three this year is growing up. Now he’s a little guy taking English and French classes and having fun with his mom’s makeup. And on March 29th Nabilla has hinted at great news. Diapers at night, it’s over!

« He pees just before bed. Sometimes we wait a bit and it’s been two days since we took off our diapers in the evening. In order to it’s too good, it’s about to disappear from the layers », said Nabilla, very pleased. But diapers will be back soon! ” They will appear again in a smaller format in a few months. But we will have big brother who will be clean, very clean. We are so happy ‘ Nabilla said on Snapchat.

Nabilla Benattia, a celebrity influencer

The opportunity to return to the course of Nabilla Benatti. She was born in Haute Savoie in 1992. When her parents divorced in 2005, Nabilla moved to live with her mother in Geneva while her little brother stayed with their local father.

In 2011 she won the title of Miss Geneva Motor Show and took part in the second season of the TF1 show. love is blind But it was 2012, when the show aired Reality TV Angels 4 on NRJ 12, giving it more visibility. Then she joins in hollywood girl 2 then with Season 5 of Reality TV Angel, broadcast in 2013. In this program she spoke her cult sentence “Hein, Hallo! No, but hello what. You’re a girl and you don’t own a shampoo. Hello ! Hello ! you receive me It’s like I said: You’re a girl, you have no hair. »

The sequence causes a stir. The media then talks a lot about Nabilla, who is entitled to a portrait in the newspaper releasea transition to Big Newspaper from Canal+ and pages in the weekly newspaper Paris match. In late 2013, NRJ 12 aired, Hello Nabilla, My family in California a new reality show.

In 2014, Nabilla stabbed her companion in a hotel room. In November 2014, she was charged with attempted murder of her husband and taken into custody. His trial took place in Nanterre in 2016. She was found guilty of violent crimes and sentenced to 24 months in prison, including six months in prison. In 2018, she returned to the front of the stage and joined the show’s columnist team. Don’t touch my TV! on C8.

On the heart side, she lives with Thomas Vergara, an ex-candidate secret story 6. In 2017, Thomas Vergara announces that they have split, but shortly after, Nabilla denies the information. In April 2019, Nabilla announced that she was expecting her first child with Thomas. In May 2019, the couple married. In October 2019, the couple gave birth to a boy named Milann. In February 2022, she announced on social media that the couple were expecting their second child.

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