In yours, after an incident with a lover, a mother’s struggle to get her child back to school

Your son suffers from behavioral problems © Photo d’illustration

“I just wanted my son to get a proper education.” residents of Breteuil (Yours), alexandra is the mother of a 9-year-old child.

behavioral problems

Since the beginning of February after an incident in a school in the south of Eure, his son had still not been able to find the school desks. Since then a solution has been found by the national education services of Eure (see inset below).

For months, the mother fought with the various authorities for an answer and solutions.

To understand the story you have to go back to February 3rd. “There was an argument in class between the teacher and my son.” With his behavioral issues, “he’s always on the move and doesn’t like being bothered that much,” his mother confides.

In the hospital center of Verneuil

That day, when he ran into the classroom at his school in southern Eure, “the teacher hit him. This is violence that we cannot accept.”

When she picks up her child from the summer camp, Alexandra then drives to the hospital.

According to the descriptive medical certificate carried out at the Hospital Center Verneuil-d’Avre-et-d’Iton“A slight superficial hematoma of the right rib measuring 3 centimeters, redness on the cheek and left ear, and emotional shock” was noted. The doctor scheduled three days of total temporary disability (ITT) at the end of the exam.

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The national education services of Eure are responding

After the article on an incident between a student and a teacher, the Directorate of Departmental Services for National Education of Eure would like to highlight the following elements:

“The investigations are still ongoing”

— The administration denies the accusations made by the student’s mother about an incident that happened more than six months ago. A defamation complaint was filed in October 2021 by the school’s teacher and principal, whose investigations are ongoing. A new lawsuit for defamation was filed after the publication of this article.

— While the student was deprived of school for a long time, management emphasizes that they have constantly offered the mother retraining solutions so that the student can find his way back to school.

— The child is currently attending his local school in Breteuil-sur-Iton. National Education has established special support to meet the special educational needs of students. Everything is done so that he can learn and develop in the best conditions.

Community of Gendarmeriebrigade Verneuil

Only on the following day, February 4, 2022, did she decide to file a complaint Community of Gendarmeriebrigade Verneuil. “Fire a complaint about the violence my son suffered from his school teacher. My child will also be heard.”

After the investigation and the reporting, “we learn that our son is unable to return to his school. It is not really an exclusion, but rather a change of company. He has to go to Damville.”

Except that the school in question refuses to accept him. The possibility of going to Condé-sur-Iton was also mentioned, “but his sister is already at school and we don’t think that’s a good idea”.

Everyone passed the buck between the academy and the school, but we had no answer. We have many emails to the Academy that have gone unanswered. Words not accepted by National Education (see attachment above).

Back then, the parents only wanted “that our son goes back to school”. Through a fondness for the Cintray School. Besides that since the end of March “we had a return that it could urgently integrate the school of Francheville”.

A choice that parents would accept “even if it would require an exception as Francheville is not part of the defined geographical sector”.

One thing is for sure, “we don’t want him to go back to his original school.” However, it is this choice that has been made (read National Education reaction above).

As claimed national education services, “The child is currently enrolled in his local school in Breteuil-sur-Iton. National Education has established special support to meet the special educational needs of students. Everything is done so that he can learn and develop in the best conditions.”

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