In the spotlight: the case of the Department of Elementary Education’s $400,000 embezzlement

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The case of the Congolese Ministry of Primary Education embezzling $400,000 made front page news phare. The daily newspaper Kinshasa headlines as follows: « Live ammunition between Tony Mwaba and Jules Alingete “. According to this newspaper, After the sulphurous $ 16 million soap opera intended for the bonuses of the organizers and correctors of the National Test for the completion of undergraduate studies and which had seriously poisoned the relations between the two personalities in the past year, is the war open again between Tony Mwaba (Minister of Basic, Secondary and Technical Education) and Jules Alingete, Head of the General Inspectorate of Finance Can we still read this time lighthouse, the case concerns a sum of US$400,000 that would have been released by the government to organize the final stage of the pan-African school football tournament in Kinshasa last February. and lighthouse to be noted: While the IGF accuses the cabinet of the ministry of having tampered with the receipts – i.e. the invoices – of the expenses incurred, the cabinet of ministers for its part complains of being the victim of inexorability on the part of the Federal Ministry of Health and the Environment General Inspectorate, which as the guardian of the public monies applies.

The Guéguerre Jules Alingete-Tony Mwaba serves Fatshi

« The dispute between Jules Alingete and Tony Mwaba, which has gone viral on social networks, serves Fatshi ‘, headlines the newspaper Forum of aces. For the newspaper, the dispute between the two personalities through the media crystallizes public attention in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. ” History will remember emphasizes this daily that Tony Mwaba and Jules Alingete appear on social networks for the second time. What, relief Forum of aces, gives material to informed observers who are right to wonder if the president’s two relatives (Tshisekedi) are not about to settle their scores over the net. »

Humanitarian Blackmail in Ituri

Another issue mentioned in the press: the state of siege in North Kivu and Ituri. the bi-weekly The maximumShe speaks of humanitarian blackmail. This magazine writes: “The phrase is strong, but true, as it crosses the mind of many observers of the surely commendable services of national and international NGOs to military security operations in eastern DRC. “. And to add: Lieutenant General Johnny Luboya, military governor of Ituri province, released them on Wednesday most recently “. This general officer, angered by apparent cowardice, whose head of Médecins Sans Frontières very clearly denounced the closure of the projects (and thus the withdrawal) of this international organization in Lizi and Mbambou in Ituri. ” It’s blackmail! shouted this senior FARDC officer who “Particularly regrets MSF’s publicity for this information, which is likely to discourage the return of civilians to these FARDC-takeover sites ‘ reports the newspaper The maximum.

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