In the south of Cher, the “J’vive le sport en famille” system introduces children and parents to sport

In front of the Le Bergerat accommodation center in Vesdun, around fifteen people, children and parents, met on Saturday at 10 a.m. in the city stadium behind the facility. A small meeting for a premiere: that of the device “J’vive le sport en famille” set up by Cher Emploi Animation in collaboration with the Municipality of Berry Grand Sud (BGS).

More than exercise, inclusion through sport

Andres Torres, animator at BGS, explains: “These sports mornings are open to everyone from the age of six, explains . Every Saturday morning, those who register can discover a new sport. These include: basketball, archery, track and field and badminton. All this around four communes: Châteaumeillant, Vesdun, Culan and Châtelet. The main goal is to revitalize the territory and take people out of a complicated context after two years. »

On the ground, the workforce is divided into two. The confirmed, licensed by the local basketball club and the neophytes.

Valérie, medical-psychological assistant at the Bergerat home, came to accompany and support two boarders.

“These are young people who work and are disabled. For them, a date like this allows them to meet other people. When it comes to sport, we talk about inclusion because there are no barriers. And usually when they participate in such programs the feedback is often very good! »

On the other half, some discover basketball for the first time. “Among the beginners, I try to teach them as many things as possible, at least what I can,” smiles Rémy Julien, versatile sports animator for Cher Emploi Animation. “J’vive le sport” wants to move people in rural areas. »

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A device that enjoys a more significant investment for sports than in cities. “In rural areas, people may have fewer tools at their disposal,” the moderator continues. They are therefore more voluntary. And it gets the whole family moving. »

This is the case of Sylvie, who comes from Châteaumeillant with her 10-year-old son Loris.

“It’s my first time playing with him. I usually take him to his basketball practice sessions and watch him. For parents, this device also allows our kids to discover other sports before they get licensed in September. »

“In the country people are more voluntary”

“Sport unites,” adds Gilles Pointereau, Mayor of Vesdun. Even if it’s a pity not to see more young people this morning (Saturday, editor’s note). It is often necessary to motivate them, smiles the chosen one. The city stadium creates interaction. So we plan to build one in town soon. »
Next meeting for “J’vive le sport en famille” on April 23rd in Châteaumeillant to discover badminton.

Work out. Accessible from 6 to 99 years, Saturdays from 10am to 12pm. Free. Information and registration at

April. April 23. Badminton at the Châteaumeillant stadium. April, 30th. Athletics at Culan Stadium.
Can. May 7th. Basketball, at the Châtelet stadium. May 14th. Archery at Vesdun Stadium. May 21st. Basketball at the Châteaumeillant stadium. 28th of May. Badminton at Culan Stadium. June. June 4th. Athletics, at the Vesdun Stadium. June 11th. Archery at the Châteaumeillant stadium. 18th of June. Badminton at the Châtelet stadium.

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