In Switzerland, the secret of the window lintel family

It would take a miracle and everyone here is hoping for it. Because only 15-year-old Allan has the key to the mysterious family tragedy that took place at dawn on Thursday in Montreux, a small Swiss postcard town in the canton of Vaud on the shores of Lake Geneva. Qualified for ” very seriously “the adolescent’s health improved “stabilized”, According to a police spokesman, the young victim is not in a coma. And that is the only glimmer of hope in this tragedy that is shaking Switzerland.

The five members of the David-Feraoun family, French and living in Switzerland since 2014, refused to open their door to the Vaud gendarmes who had come for failure to comply with obligations related to Allan’s home schooling, and then threw themselves out of the 7th floor of their pretty residence at 37 rue du Casino: the father, Éric David, 40, his wife, Nasrine Feraoun, 41, their twin sister, Narjisse Feraoun, and the couple’s two children, a little girl of 8 and Allan , the only survivor after falling from 25 meters.

The disastrous fate of David-Feraoun, described as “discreet”, “isolated” even frankly “strange”, according to the neighbors quoted by Swiss newspapers, is a mystery. If the hypothesis of a probable collective suicide is not challenged, the reason remains to be understood. According to Jean Christophe Sauterel, police spokesman for the canton of Vaud, to this day no lead is preferred to explain the desperate gesture of this family, which had never attracted the attention of the police. “Mobile phones are analyzed, he specifies and we started playing for family members who moved to Switzerland. The public prosecutor’s office is scheduled to speak at the beginning of the week. »

Two granddaughters of the Algerian writer Mouloud Feraoun

In France, the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Central Unit for Combating Violence Against Individuals in the Central Directorate of the Criminal Investigation Department have so far only been notified by the Swiss authorities. According to the newspaper Le Temps, three of the five rooms were fully stocked with food and medicine, and the family occupied the remaining two rooms. Sectarianism or Survivor?

The father, Éric David, grew up in Marseille in an uneventful dwelling in the southern neighborhoods, the city’s most popular. As described by a former classmate “discreet and gifted student, top of the class”, the young man received the prestigious diploma of the École Polytechnique in 2004. Better it comes out “among the first five”, assures a relative, confirming that the engineer then worked in the IT department of three Parisian ministries (budget, foreign affairs, youth and sport) from 2009 to 2013, as stated on his LinkedIn profile. In 2013, Éric David joined Secutix in Lausanne, a company specializing in online ticket sales, before becoming self-employed in 2016.

His wife and sister also completed long studies, Normale sup for example, before specializing in the medical field. Raised in this learned and affluent environment, between a high-flying computer scientist father and a housewife, the twins grew up in Paris’ 5th arrondissement in a family of five children, all brilliant, Lycée Henri-IV educated. The two women come from a famous Kabyle family in Algeria: they are the granddaughters of the writer Mouloud Feraoun (1913-1962), a teacher close to Albert Camus, who was assassinated sixty years ago by the Organization of the Secret Army (OAS). . Random dates, this humanist was honored on March 15 at the request of Emmanuel Macron. The French ambassador in Algeria laid a wreath of flowers on a stele in his memory.

As beautiful and blonde as her twin, Nasrine Feraoun opened a dental practice in Vernon (Eure) in 2008 and moved to Switzerland with her husband in 2014. She then worked for around a year in an orthodontic practice in Bulle, Canton Fribourg. This model course was interrupted in December 2014 when the Freiburg health service withdrew his professional license for “administrative reasons”. His sister Narjisse Feraoun, a renowned ophthalmologist, has been working part-time at the Sion Eye Clinic in Valais for the past few months. According to the Swiss media, Narjisse Feraoun has been separated from her husband for seven years, who is also an overqualified Frenchman who lives in Lausanne and is a specialist in computer system security.

“I am shockedShe confided that to the couple’s brother-in-law on Saturday. It’s been fifteen years since we had news. Six months after their wedding, Éric and Nasrine brutally cut ties with no explanation. » According to the Swiss authorities, the 8-year-old girl did not appear in any administrative register. The brother-in-law had met Nasrine Feraoun one last time on a street in Paris. In his pram, little Allan. The first and last time they saw their nephew.

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