in Russia even education is brought into line with official discourse

In Russia, according to the media, the official discourse on the war in Ukraine is essential to education. From kindergarten to university, the government is committed to controlling the narrative surrounding the conflict and will not tolerate dissent. “If you ask questions, that’s criminal,” testifies a teacher.

No place for protest in Russia, not even in the education system.  Illustrative picture
No place for protest in Russia, not even in the education system. Illustrative image © AFP / Pavel Lisitsyn / Sputnik

Kahmran, 28, taught geography at School 498 in Moscow… Until a few weeks ago. He has since resigned. When his colleagues began using government propaganda about the “special operation“He, he says to France Inter, posted a message calling for people to live by their conscience.

When the children in his class came to applaud him and say goodbye, the administration called the police and accused him of organizing an illegal demonstration and perverting the youth. accused “immoral behavior”, he even has to leave the country. Indeed, its director searched his Instagram account and found the photo of a conference in Strasbourg: here he is accused of being a foreign agent.

“Learning Putin’s Words”

Both teachers and students must therefore adhere to the official discourse. “In schools and universities, students should learn Putin’s words about the history of Ukraine. In all schools one should study the content of this very long speech about Ukraine. And if you ask questions, that’s criminal.”says Greg Yudin, who teaches at the School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences in Moscow.

automobile Young people ask questions, reject the fact that Russia isolates itself from the world. They pose a threat. So the battle for brain control continues. With meetings organized in schools to explain which media are good, which ones to believe and to denounce the lies of the West.

Now they are taking young students with close to 300 followers on their accounts, it’s crazy

“Up until now, no student has been flown from my university. But everyone feels the pressure.”says Dasha, who is studying political science in Moscow. “It affects our ability to study at a university that holds positions so different from ours. They used to crack down on politicians or the media who can start protests, but now they’re taking young students with barely 300 followers on their accounts going completely nuts. It’s everyone’s business now.”

The state-appointed rectors of public universities are also overzealous. For example, a video shows a course at Kazan University in which the professor explains that Russia did not start the war and is protecting the Donbass from the Ukrainian Nazis. It’s not even revisionism anymore, it’s a story in the making, being rewritten entirely.

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