IN PICTURES, IN PICTURES. Under the marquee of the Borsberg circus, the children of Pont-l’Evêque reveal themselves

Circus School Bon Pasteur Pont-l'Evêque Cirque Borsberg
With Cirque Borsberg, the children cultivate solidarity, “far away from individualism”. ©Camille RUFFRAY

Under the marquee, a school like no other. For two weeks now and up until this Friday, April 8, 2022, the Kar Karl Borsberg a planted its yellow-blue roof in the heart of Pont-l’Evêque (Calvados), on the Bras d’Or. Inside, the Circassians are entirely dedicated to the 305 pupils of the kindergarten and primary school of the Bon Pasteur school. A traveling circus school who travels through Normandy to convey his art.

Refederation of the school as a whole

Four school classes are introduced to the art of the circus for three hours every day. “We mix all classes, from young to old. After this period of Covid and restrictions, this makes it possible to federate all levels and create unity,” explains Marie-Reyne Despeaux-Zoll, director of the school. A kind to strengthen bonds between the children but also in the school as a whole. “The entire educational team, teachers, Atsem and parents of the students. »

Circus School Bon Pasteur Pont-l'Evêque Cirque Borsberg
Kindergarten and elementary school are introduced to the art of the circus. ©Camille RUFFRAY

Bungee, trapeze, juggling, American roll, hula hoop… amateur circus performers touch everything during workshops before choosing which act to perform in the show. Because every Friday, parents take over the marquee to discover this talent of their offspring.

Appeal to her body and imagination

Far away from the benches of the classic school, the children show themselves in the circus school. “Usually we appeal to their sanity. The circus school appeals to their bodies, their minds, their imaginations…” explains the director. The educational team is thus witness to the birth of new facets some children. “There are more introverted kids that we don’t hear or don’t show themselves. And which suddenly reveal themselves completely here,” she says happily. “That’s the feedback that all the teachers give us every time,” confirms circus founder Karl Borsberg.

risk-taking and solidarity

Talking and doing a show in front of 500 people has nothing in common for children. “It takes a lot brave and commitment. A willingness to take risks outside of their comfort zone that young people cultivate. “For example, we have a child and are very afraid of the trapeze. Nevertheless, she chose him for the show,” says Marie-Reyne Despeaux-Zoll.

Marie-Reyne Despeaux-Zoll, Director of the Good Shepherd School.
Marie-Reyne Despeaux-Zoll, Headmistress. ©Camille RUFFRAY

Without realizing it, children also learn the values ​​of cohesion and solidarity. “The fact that all levels are mixed creates understanding, the little ones rely on the bigger ones, the bigger ones feel independent,” she continues. “It’s one of circus values, it’s a troupe work, we work together for a show. »

“Like the human pyramid, we need everyone to persevere. The circus is not just the show, but the whole life around it. »

Karl Borsberg

An essential dimension, according to the director. “It’s perfectly fine against individualism Ambient. A ‘uniting’ project that will have cost 18,000 euros, half funded by the Parents’ Association and the rest by the school from its own funds and several town halls in the area.

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Circus School Bon Pasteur Pont-l'Evêque Cirque Borsberg
They prepare the number that they will present at the fair. ©Camille RUFFRAY


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