In Lorient, Nathalie Beauvais and her family serve Breton aperitifs – Lorient

You don’t stop! Nathalie and Arnaud Beauvais from the Le Jardin Gourmand restaurant in Lorient have just published their fifteenth cookbook, this time dedicated to a sacred moment: the aperitif. “Long live the aperitif” these are original recipes for aperitifs, brunches, buffets and other cocktails “with a good Breton flavor” to avoid the classic peanuts or industrial cakes. A total of 140 sweet and savory recipes and around forty cocktails.

But it’s not yet another work by Chef Beauvais, this fifteenth opus has something more. For the first time, her daughter Émilie and her companion Matej Tököly took part in the adventure. “We were locked in with our kids and we were like, ‘Hey, if we do this together! “We thought that when the Covid came out, people wanted to share moments together and the aperitif, the brunch, the sharing because we put everything on the table,” explain Arnaud and Nathalie Beauvais.

We thought that when Covid came out, people wanted to share moments together and the aperitif, the brunch, wanted to share it because we put everything on the table

Ribs with Breizh Cola, Hénaff pie

For Émilie, 30, a sommelier like her father, the production of this book is a unique experience. “It was great, we really enjoyed it.” “It was interesting to work with his mother-in-law,” smiles Matej Tököly. Nathalie’s brother Pierre Pelletier is in charge of the photos, a real family adventure.

The recipes come straight from the chef’s imagination and her love of the Breton terroir, but she was also influenced by her son-in-law. “He’s of Slovak origin, so he gave his mark. He’s meatier, I’m vegetables, we complement each other well,” says the chef with a smile. Buckwheat cake, Hénaff pâté, Lokse (Slovakian pancakes with potatoes), cucumber croque cucumber with fresh goat cheese and seaweed tartare or ribs with Breizh Cola, the 57-year-old chef always thinks outside the box and has a hard time choosing her favorite recipe out of the hundred in her book. “But I would say zucchini-rhubarb-red mullet tart, because in this recipe we think of rhubarb as lemon.”

To accompany all this on the liquid side, it is the father and daughter who will feast thanks to forty cocktails, including ten non-alcoholic, all with Breton sauce, of course. So the Mojito is relaunched with Fine and Guillevic, Pastis goes well with Fine, Chouchen invites himself to beer, etc.

“Vive l’apéro” is more than 100 recipes and around forty cocktails for aperitifs, brunches, buffets with Breton sauce. (The Telegram/Céline Le Strat)

Write recipes, but not alone!

Arnaud and Nathalie Beauvais claim simple cooking, “Cookbooks we use, with products we can find. Simple, everyday cooking that is well explained.” “Long live the vegetables”, “Long live the fish”, “Long live the potatoes” or “Long live the shellfish and crustaceans”, the chef from Beauvais is a fan of the publishing industry. “I don’t have to write books, but I like to sit down and think. It complements the hyperactive side of the kitchen very well and I don’t like doing it alone, it’s a real sharing moment,” reveals the restaurateur.

Fifteen books, the founding of her publishing house Trop Mad, more than 110,000 copies sold and 33 years of Jardin Gourmand, she is still bubbling over with ideas. “Yes, there are other book projects, always full of possible topics.” We’ll know just enough to make our mouths water.


“Long live the aperitif”, published by Trop Mad, by Coop Breizh, €29.

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