In Bagnolet, according to parents of students, children no longer eat their fill in the canteen

Families criticize the quality of the meals and the “very small quantities” served in the school canteens of Bagnolet (Seine-Saint-Denis). The Sodexo company is singled out, but City Hall conjures up “a running-in period”.

The text gathered just over 280 signatures on Tuesday. In an online petition published a week ago, parents of students at Jean Jaurès primary school sharply criticized the canteen at their facility. According to the familiesthe children of Bagnolet often don’t have enough to eat at lunchtime“, “since the town hall of Bagnolet called Sodexo“.

Many children report that they are still hungry when they leave the canteen. Parents actually notice that their children are hungry in the evening‘ reads the petition, which refers to meals with ‘very small amounts“.

It is absolutely unacceptable that in 2022 our children’s nutrition is not a priority and they go to class all afternoon without having eaten enough at lunchtime. Their health and well-being are at stake, especially when some of the students are unable to benefit from 3 balanced meals a day. This harms the academic success‘ the parents point out.

Séverine André, whose son is taught in CM2 at the Jean Jaurès school, is a member of the collective of parents of the students who wrote the petition. “Parents were initially surprised when their children complained that they were very hungry after school because the portions were too small. During the discussion we then realized that it was not limited to a few cases. CM2 students then wrote a petition and the parents took over“, She says.

According to Séverine André, many schools are concerned beyond the facility: “We’ve made more noise than other schools served by Bagnolet’s central kitchen, but it’s not limited to one facility. There have been paper petitions elsewhere with the same sentiment.

The petition also complains about the loss of quality on menus.less varied and balanced“, disregard of a “Commitment to one meal per week 100 for 100 bio“, and the distribution of disposable cutlery. The petition therefore calls for the termination of the contract with Sodexo and “hiring a chef with decent working conditions“.

The city of Bagnolet contacted confirms that Mayor Tony Di Martino (PS) was able to observe “malfunctions“for surprise visits and such”Alert points are triggered“. The town hall commemorates “a break-in period” and “personnel issues“in the context of the health crisis.

The city states that this is the caseexchanged with the provider“, the new contract of December 1. A new head of the central canteen has also just been appointed. However, the municipality emphasizes that “The mayor was extremely shocked when he read comments in the press thinking about inedible food and children not having enough to eat“.”Some reported statements go beyond reality‘ the city regrets.

We didn’t try to exploit the children“, responds Séverine André.Contacted, the Sodexo company has not responded to our requests at this time.

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