“I found a second family”

She dreams. We carried the project, today it is the project that carries us. “The adventure of Les Commerérants ont du cœur has only just begun,” reads our March 19 issue. For Valentina, Oksana, Vitali and the other Ukrainians aged 5 to 76 who came to Nièvre, regardless of the length of their stay, this is the beginning of memories that will mark them for life.

Last Sunday Antonina celebrated her 62nd birthday. “The happiest of my birthdays. I’ve found a second family in France,” she asserted with an unmistakable accent of truth. On the initiative of artisan hearts, she was welcomed by the municipality, like her compatriots and the families who host her.

His destroyed house

She who has lost everything and who, as soon as she comes back, is already talking about “rebuilding her completely destroyed house”. Oksana is expected to return “by the end of May at the latest”, who wants to use the next few weeks “to work and visit the area”. A member of Traders have a heart, alongside Nicolas and Sébastien, confirms Laurent: “Everyone wants to work. Some companies have or will make proposals in this direction.

Before continuing: “We carried the project and today it is the project that carries us”. In doing so, he conjured up “the good souls who never stop showing themselves ready to help”.

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These good souls include Roselyne and Robert Wermer, who have come from Cuffy to take in the elderly and offer them “peace and quiet to recharge, all independently in our home that offers these facilities”.

There is also Bozena Gorecka-Plet, President of the Franco-Polish Association of Saint-Éloi. First with the 450 offered during the convoy. As a teacher of French as a foreign language, supported by Nicole Nedellec, a retired teacher, she teaches every Wednesday from 5:30 p.m.

Laurent again evokes the reluctance of Ukrainians to follow them. “First, because the war was only supposed to last ten days. For mothers, escorting their children to safety meant abandoning their husbands. Then because the propaganda, in case of departure, conjured up an impossible return within a year. We had to show official papers proving otherwise. »

Last Sunday the sun was there on the side of the school canteen. Everything had been planned to put a little parenthesis on the traumas experienced. Nothing had been forgotten. Neither the inflatable structure intended for the youngest, nor the musical entertainment, nor the idea of ​​sharing a meal exchanging French and Ukrainian dishes.

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